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Top 5 reasons to buy a mobile home

Buying a home can be a real hassle. When you go on vacation, the choice of accommodation is often a problem. To avoid this difficulty, it is interesting to consider some alternatives. The purchase of a mobile home is one of them. Indeed, it is both a practical and economical formula.

More than a simple leisure residence, the mobile home is also a very popular type of accommodation that suits all kinds of holidaymakers. For those who are hesitating to take the plunge, here are 5 good reasons why you should buy a mobile home.

It is a comfortable accommodation.


The mobile home is a comfortable accommodation whose security level has been dramatically improved. Indeed, far from being a makeshift accommodation, it is now a very appreciated place to live without losing its originality.

If it is often built-in wood, the insulation has been dramatically improved. Also, heating equipment is integrated into the mobile home. Thus, the happy owners can enjoy a stay in an authentic environment without losing comfort.

The comfort of the mobile home can also be optimized by integrating equipment such as a Jacuzzi, playgrounds, etc.

A profitable investment in the long term

Buying a mobile home is a profitable investment if you consider the advantages it provides in the medium and long term.

The price of a mobile home is affordable.

With an average budget of between 25,000 and 60,000 dollars, it is possible to buy a new mobile home with a surface area of up to 40 m². This corresponds to 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and an optional terrace. Therefore, this type of accommodation and vacation home is suitable for homeowners, even for a large family.

A mobile home is very durable.

A mobile home lasts about 25 years or even longer with proper maintenance. This is a significant advantage for this type of accommodation. A specialized company can also do maintenance.

A serene choice for your vacations


Buying a mobile home is a considerable advantage during vacation periods. Indeed, in these periods, the camping places are quickly saturated because the camping and the proposed animations attract many people. This makes the price of renting a mobile home go up. Having this type of accommodation, along with the plot of land, saves you trouble during your vacations.

A quality location

The location is also one of the advantages of buying a mobile home. It is usually located on a campsite and therefore in a pleasant environment (natural and quiet, sometimes even by the river or the sea). This makes it an excellent choice for family weekends and vacations.

A house that you can move around as you please

Buying a mobile home does not necessarily mean that you have to stay on the same plot of land or its original location. Indeed, it is possible to move it thanks to lifting and transporting equipment (crane and truck) by exceptional convoy on a plot of land purchased or rented beforehand. This makes it possible to adapt it according to the needs of the owner (change of environment and proximity).

Points to consider when buying a mobile home


Buying a mobile home is not just about the purchase. Since it is a significant investment, it is essential to consider the different elements that can influence this property’s choice and price. With the acquisition, one must also consider:

  • The laws in force on the second home
  • The rental of the plot and the location of the mobile home
  • The terms of the rental agreement and the deed of sale of the property
  • The purchase price
  • The ancillary costs (transport, water, electricity, maintenance, etc.)
  • The company in charge of the construction (if it is a new mobile home)
  • The method of financing
  • Insurance and taxes
  • Responsibilities as an owner
  • If you wish to make the purchase profitable (rent your mobile home), the steps to take.

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