Tips and Tricks to Increase the Price of Your Real Estate Property

All homes must be prepared before a viewing. In some areas with lower sales, it can be the difference between getting the home sold or not, and in the metropolitan areas, a successful styling or renovation before the show can lead to one or a few extra speculators who can drive up the price at a binding.

There are however some tips and tricks you can follow that will guarantee the increase of your property’s value.

Refresh the Surfaces

Large areas such as cabinet doors, benches and floors are a large part of the overall impression, and should be prioritized before a sale. If you have wooden floors that are starting to look a little worn, it can be a well-worthwhile investment to potential buyers. A tip is also to freshen up with new knobs and handles for doors and doors.

We advise many who have a worn kitchen to spend some money on repainting the doors. Then you can often get a very fresh kitchen, by just spray-painting.

Clean Surfaces

Using professional stylists at home before viewing is relatively common, but it can also cost a lot. But you will go a long way in removing things and photos and cleaning surfaces. Removing personal photos is also done to make it easier for speculators to see themselves in the home.

You can use existing furniture to style or pick up some new ones. But the important thing is that a person with different eyes does it so that you get a new perspective.

Prioritize the Bathroom

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The bathroom is perhaps the most important room to review. An entire bathroom renovation is cumbersome and costly, and therefore you as a seller want to show it as fresh as possible so that speculators do not start counting on a renovation, which can be crucial for a deal.

We have all the senses connected when we are on a home tour and then it is important to minimize the possibilities that something is disturbing. For instance, replacing a cracked sink or a worn toilet seat is a very small cost for what it adds to the overall first impression of a house.

Thrifty in the Kitchen

The kitchen is also a very important space during a viewing, but it is also a room that many buyers want to put their own stamp on. Therefore, in many cases it may be enough to tidy up the surfaces and not spend too much money on something that the buyers might still have intended to replace.

A growing trend is that you just replace a worktop or cabinet doors instead of just tearing out the entire kitchen.

Do Not Leave the Walls Empty

Even if you choose to do a surface treatment, it does not mean that everything is ready. The overall impression is everything, and an important step is to fill empty walls with something nice.

People do not want to think for themselves and refers to the fact that we often buy a whole feeling of an apartment. In concrete terms, this means, for example, hanging paintings above the sofa and side benches, and putting the sleeping alcove in order as a whole, even without large empty wall surfaces.

Clean Out

In order to emphasize the apartment’s potential, it is important not to show it when it is, so to speak, pushed to the limit.

If you constantly bump into an armchair when you are on display, it becomes a disturbing moment and you can get the impression that it is crowded. Then it is better to remove it, he says.

A basic rule is not to fill, for example, wardrobes to more than 60 percent, but to clean out and make it airy. If there is no space in your own storage, it may be worth renting one for a period, or put some furniture and stuff with a friend.

There you are! With all those tips, you should be able to increase the price of your real estate property. Did we miss any trick? Let us know in the comments below.

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