5 Home Features Buyers Will Pay Extra For
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5 Home Features Buyers Will Pay Extra For

Buying a home, especially when it’s the first time, is not an easy decision. You want to get everything in just one go – an air conditioning system, stainless steel kitchen appliances, laundry room and even a lush garden.

So, let’s take a look what are the home features that people are willing to spend more money on.

#1. Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

A trend in modern times that most fall in love with. A tradition whose origins go back to status and class – the wealthier you are, the bigger bedroom you have. I mean, you cannot expect the master or the mistress of a house to have a room of the same size as the child or the servant.

But, today it’s just a pretty outdated notion and no longer a luxury only for the upper class.

We’ve talked to trend experts to find out that the all-classic master bedroom – a large “sanctuary” with crisp, quality bedding and a private bathroom with a sink, bathtub and shower – is a fad that goes even bigger in 2021 and beyond.

You’ll notice that the terminology for master bedroom will vary, with many preferring the words “ensuite master bathroom.”

#2. Home Security System

Home Security System

There’s no denying that today home intrusions have become more common than ever. But, I can’t also deny the fact that most invasions occur because of the lack of common sense – overlooking the tremendous benefits of a security system.

If we were in the 1950s, I’d agree that a home security system was not a crucial feature desired by homeowners because you had to pay a hefty sum of money to install and maintain it.

The same cannot be said now. With price barriers taken down, advances in technology have made it possible to obtain a reliable and efficient security system at an affordable price.

Naturally, buyers would want to make sure that the house they are moving into is safe, especially if they have kids. An alarm system, for example, will give them peace of mind, knowing that their kids would be safe from home intruders.

#3. Eat-in Kitchen

Eat-in Kitchen

I’m curious about what people think about “eat-in kitchens.”

As best as I can tell from my perspective, a kitchen is not only a space where you can transform raw ingredients into lips-smacking meals, but is also an oasis where families go for solace and to enjoy nurturing relationships.

When asked, more than 30 % of people in the 35-to-54 age range stated that they wanted an eating area in the kitchen.

No matter the gap between family members today, many yearns for the seating of the whole family on the kitchen island. Conversations over family meals are what most people look for. Plus, this hangout space can be enhanced by placing TVs and other such electronics in the kitchen.

#4. Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

If you ask me, summer days are always the worst, especially if you are not lucky enough to have an air conditioning system in your home.

I know today it is more a necessity than a want. And, bypassing an air conditioning system means bypassing its numerous benefits like:

  • Reduce humidity in the home
  • Reduce the risk of dehydration and heatstroke
  • Better air quality
  • Better sleep
  • And overall better condition of living

A recent research carried out reported how people are willing to pay an extra $2,500 for this feature.

#5. A Large Yard

A Large Yard

Living in northern states, for example, means more warm weather and more time outside in the garden. Today, buyers are obsessed with large yards and their goals are to foster a closer relationship with nature and to improve their own mental well-being.

I think it’s the time in history when the buzz of large garden trends is filling the air, leading to some envisioning themselves as enjoying the smell of fresh flowers whilst gardening and their kids playing in the garden.


Now, you tell me, if you were to pay some more money on a feature, what would it be?





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  1. […] While air conditioning systems, master bedrooms and large outdoor spaces used to appeal to home buyers, today, home security systems seem to attract more prospective buyers. The pandemic’s resulting economic fallout had left millions of people vulnerable, increasing home intrusions and property crimes. As a result, a home security system became a home feature that buyers would pay extra for. […]

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