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6 Budget-Friendly Ways To Increase The Value of Your Property

Buying a home to live in for the rest of your life is something your parents or grandparents did. However, in recent years, entry-level homes and friendly apartments and houses in need of renovation have become famous as living quarters for young couples.

If you find yourself short of money to buy a luxurious home, you may be told to save a little more, but some people are stubborn and immediately look at the starter home as a dollar marker, thinking that rent is money we throw in the trash every month. The return on investment is also quite feasible if you develop smart measures. Here’s a list of ideas that will work best for you!

1) Paint

It may sound too wasteful, but painting the walls new is an effective way to increase the value (look) of the house. You may also be able to find some eco-friendly products somewhere to keep costs down.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to interior walls.

Just like a first date, it all comes down to first impressions. So, it’s not a bad idea to give the facade a facelift. Have the facade professionally cleaned or paint everything from head to toe a new color.

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2) New Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most attractive and price-sensitive areas of the house. There is nothing scarier than a completely dilapidated bathroom when visiting a home. Doesn’t a nice and clean shower curtain make you want to take a quiet bath with candles around it?

So, call your favorite handyman and start cracking the old, broken tiles together. For a few thousand euros, you can transform your bathroom into new! With a good shower screen, new furniture, and shiny new tiles, your comfort level will improve dramatically, as will the value of your home.

3) Take on the Garden

Put on your overalls, grab a rake, and work until your garden looks like a new one. The terrace is silky smooth, free of weeds, with a well-tended lawn, fresh and fragrant flowers, and hedges that provide ample privacy!

The idea is to give prospective buyers a dream: to imagine themselves on that terrace, sipping rosé before an aperitif in the sun.

27 ideas for making your small back garden super cosy | homify


4) Little Restorations

Sometimes it’s all in the details. How can you add a modern touch to your home without spending a lot of money? It’s effortless: pay attention to the details. Decades-old door handles, doorknobs, switches? Replacing these small items takes little time and effort, just a little bit of knowledge on using a screwdriver.

5) The “New” Kitchen

Those old-fashioned kitchens from the 1980s with oak doors hidden between four dark walls? It was a housewife’s dream then, but not so much now. Have that one wall that forms the connection to the living room checked to see if it is not a load-bearing wall. If it is not: throw it away, and when you decide to sell it again, the chances of your client being willing to pay more is higher.

A completely new kitchen is not a bargain, of course. Don’t have the budget? Don’t worry. Again, you can rely on paintbrushes to give everything a fresh look. The effect is practical and not too much for your budget.

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6) Lost Space

Could an attic you’ve never set foot in be turned into an extra room or office? And wouldn’t a basement be perfect for a real (man) cave or a wine cellar with all the condiments?

You see, a lot of little things make a big thing, don’t they? There is no more rewarding investment than creating extra space. The numbers speak for themselves: one spare bedroom increases the price of a house by 4%.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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