Home Staging in 3 Steps to Rent Your Home More Easily

Renting your home can be one of the stable sources of income when thinking about the tranquility of your future economic situation after retirement. Many times, when we inherit a flat from our parents or closest relatives, they are located in central and high-value areas. However, to achieve a greater number of interested parties in the shortest possible time, it is necessary to leave it in the best conditions. In some cases a small makeover is enough while in others, a total renovation is required.

Home Staging Before Renting

This process is called home staging and has been carried out in the States since the 1930s. This is nothing more than the staging of the house on which you are looking to rent. With this set of techniques, renting your house can be much easier, in addition to enhancing the value of the property. Thus, by conditioning the property and giving it a more attractive appearance, you can rent it as quickly as possible and at the best price.

How do you do this? Well, essentially by highlighting the strong points that we detect and minimizing the weak points. Hiding the defects is not a good idea. In fact, it is better to correct them. If what you are looking for is to decorate it, we would not talk about the same thing either. Decorating is a very personal thing. And, precisely, what we are looking for with home staging is to give the house a neutral and welcoming look. Otherwise, not all visitors would feel comfortable. To rent your home, in the meantime, in today’s blog, we recommend you to follow these tips:

1. Kiss Goodbye to Personal Items

If your home is full of personal belongings, it is advisable to remove them. On the contrary, people visiting the property will find it harder to imagine themselves living there. Imagining how they will enjoy the sun in the living room, listen to music in the bedroom or cook is an important subconscious tool by which prospective tenants define their interest. If the environments are filled with elements that are foreign to them, the mental operation will be more complex. Sometimes it even generates an uneasiness in the visitor that does not allow him to enjoy the visit.

So note: photos with faces, children, people; photos with a strong character or decorative style; strong decoration; stuffed animals on beds, toys, children’s quilts; shampoos, toothbrushes; used towels or worn and flashy bedding; wedding or travel souvenirs. Consider removing these and storing them in boxes or bags to increase the chances of renting your unit.

Order is not only aesthetically more pleasing to the eye. But it creates more space. Something that is absolutely fundamental to those looking for a new place to live. Space to put things away. A disordered and cluttered closet gives the feeling of being smaller. Therefore, it is advisable to order them so that they appear larger and cleaner. This applies to both clothing closets and kitchen closets.

2. Paint the Walls

It’s true that this can involve a cost that you didn’t expect to have to deal with. But painting the walls of your home is essential to the process. It doesn’t matter if you do it yourself or if you hire a professional. If there are loud or very dark colors on your walls, remove them. Go for neutral and light tones. Also, try to clean cracks, stains from use and moisture. Don’t forget white walls! They also get darker and dirtier over time.

3. Fixing and Deep Cleaning

Flaws, no matter how minor, draw attention. If something is broken or in bad shape, it is better to bear the cost of the extra investment. In the end, it will be less expensive in terms of the favorability point the future tenant will have in getting you to lower the rent. Cracks, tiles, moisture spots, holes in the walls, scratches on the floor or furniture, fix everything. As well as the lamps which do not work, the kitchen furniture, the doors, the blinds, the taps, the pipes, the drawers or the switches.

Image and cleanliness are also essential to renting your home. Look especially in the bathrooms: that there is no limescale, moisture, black joints, dirt on the screen. Also in the kitchen, the glass should be impeccable, the cabinets should be free of grease, neither on the tiles nor on the extractor, and there should be no food remains or odors. To achieve a good image, everything must be cleaned. The floors, the furniture, the switches, the lamps, the textiles that you will wear. Note: don’t forget the crystals.

There you are! With those 3 tips you should easily be able to rent your home. Do you have any other tips? Share them with us in the comments below.

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