I Want to File a Complaint Against a Real Estate Agent
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I Want to File a Complaint Against a Real Estate Agent

If you stand firm on the fact that your real estate agent has violated one or more codes of ethics, whether you are a buyer, seller, or landlord, do not hesitate to file a complaint against them. And believe me, filing a complaint against a real estate agent is not difficult.

Appointment with the Broker of the Agent

Determine Whether Wrongdoing Has Taken Place or Not

Determine Whether Wrongdoing Has Taken Place or Not

Troubles with a real estate agent can sometimes be attributed to a simple misunderstanding or confusion in communication. Reestablishing contact may aid in the resolution of any confusion.

However, if you feel your agent has willfully misrepresented or deceived you about anything crucial (for example, the quality of a plot of land, a seller’s or buyer’s willingness, or the costs of services), you should submit a complaint.

What a seller regards as unprofessional behavior may look inconsequential to real estate professionals. To acquire a new perspective, discuss your issue with a neutral third party.

Schedule a Meeting With the Managing Broker of the Agent

The broker is the one who bears  a fiduciary responsibility; the agent is just the broker’s employee. As a result, you should conduct a meeting to air your grievances. The agent is not required to attend the meeting.

Make a list of your complaints and any extra information that comes to mind. Make a list of any witnesses’ names and phone numbers.

Now is the moment to try out different ways of presenting your problem. You want to be as detailed and straightforward as possible. Maintain a strong but not annoyed demeanor.

Amass Supporting Documentation

If you feel the broker violated the contract, take out your copy and underline the section you believe was violated. Although the agent’s supervisor has access to the contract, presenting as many supporting documents as feasible will help the meeting run well.

Lease contracts, sales receipts, and correspondence between you and the agent are other important documents.

Contact Your Broker

If you don’t want the agent to attend, make a request that he or she not come.

You should have given your consent to have the agent present at the meeting if at all possible. Problems may be resolved more quickly when the supervisor or management understands both sides of the issue.

You can also politely point out any errors in the agent’s description of his side of the story.

Request Resolution

Request Resolution

You can request that your issue be handled by the managing broker in addition to submitting a complaint against an agent. For example, if the agent neglected to disclose a fault in the house, you might request a decrease in agency fees to make up for it.

Be willing to make a compromise. Accepting less than you want does not preclude you from filing a complaint with the licensing authority in your state.

Request to Speak with a Manager

If you think the meeting did not go well, request another meeting. Because you are unlikely to meet with the president of a large real estate business at first, there should be someone else to speak with. Request to be promoted up the line of command.

Notifying Consumer Advocacy Organizations

Look Into the Better Business Bureau

Look Into the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is the most well-known consumer protection group in the United States. You may submit your report on their website.

After clicking on the name of your county, enter your zip code. Choose “Get Consumer Help” at the top of the page, then “File a Complaint” from the drop-down menu.

If you do not have Internet connection, you can file a complaint about the phone by phoning the BBB’s main office.

Fill Out the Online Complaint Form

The complaint form will ask for basic information such as contact information (for both you and the business) as well as details about the problem.

Notify the Broker

You may alert the agent’s management supervisor or broker of your problem even if you do not intend to meet with him. BBB’ office will send the complaint to them wihin one-two weeks.


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