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Rental Investment: The Ultimate 2022 Guide

Rental investment is currently considered the most reliable and promising financial investment. Indeed, in the real estate sector, it is clear that the demand is constantly increasing. Since professional infrastructures, shopping centers, educational institutions, and public transportation accumulate in urban areas, the population is deserting the peripheral areas.

As a result, the existing infrastructure is no longer sufficient and prompts developers to embark on new construction. However, with the accessibility and the easing of conditions related to real estate loans, many individuals also choose to invest in real estate.

Nevertheless, you should know that this type of project must be well studied in order to be profitable. Let’s dive into this blog and look at some of the things everyone should know about rental investments.

1. In which geographical area is rental investment the most profitable?


Investing in real estate is a very interesting project and can be a very fruitful supplement to your income. Moreover, it does not require any financial or technical knowledge of real estate. Indeed, from time to time, it is essential to call upon the services of a bailiff or a lawyer specialized in the field to draft the terms of your lease agreement; you can quickly get by with the rest.

However, to ensure that the project is profitable and beneficial in the long term, make sure you choose a buoyant geographical area. Regions with a growing population and close to critical areas are the most interesting.

This way, you can be sure that you will have no trouble finding tenants. However, if you consider investing in seasonal rentals, it is best to focus on tourist areas mainly out of town, such as the seaside.

2. Investing in new or old properties?


This question is one of the key points in rental investment. If you plan to invest in the center of town, you should know that it will be more difficult to find building land. For this option, the only possible solution is to buy an old building.

Old houses always need renovation. If the home has not been adequately maintained, the damage can be pretty extensive. Therefore, you should call in a professional to assess the extent of the work. If the house is very old, the price may be lower, but the work may be too heavy and require a large budget.

The most common things to do are work on the facade, renovate the siding, and improve energy performance. This is why it is essential to call upon a specialized company to carry out a meticulous estimate of the state of the house.

Indeed, demolition can be more advantageous than renovation in some cases. On the other hand, buying an old house can be a considerable advantage if it is still in good condition. Given the complexity of such a project, a specialized company should also be called in.

The architecture is more aesthetic and offers more cachet. However, investing in a new home is also an exciting option. Although the cost can be quite high and depends on the home’s location, you wouldn’t have to deal with many things. You have to wait for the construction company to deliver your property.

It is ready to move into and does not require any repair work. You will also benefit from a ten-year warranty that will cover the cost of repairs in case of construction defects or damage. New homes are also more comfortable and meet current standards.

3. Budget


First of all, you need to know the budget you have for your property. Generally, it is made up of savings and a loan that you will have to take out with a bank. If you can use one of the many online calculators, the best thing to do is to make an appointment with your banker to determine how much money you can borrow. Then you will know what your budget is.

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