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The Different Points To Know About The Mobile Home

You want to buy a mobile home, but you are not sure if it is worthwhile for you or not. As with any other purchase, you should consider the pros and cons of your project. It is not always advisable to make a blind investment. So, we invite you to see in detail, below, everything you need to know before buying a mobile home, new or used.

What are the purchase criteria to consider?


It is important that you define all the criteria for buying a mobile home before you start. Will you need a large interior space or exterior fittings or other things? Indeed, you must keep in mind that the purchase of a mobile home also requires a separate budget for additional work such as installation costs and connections… Depending on your budget, decide beforehand whether you want to buy a new or used mobile home.

You should also decide on the number of people who will occupy your mobile home. Moreover, be careful to choose the location of your motorhome; only a few plots are free, while it is forbidden to install camping on private land. So, it is important that you choose your campsite according to:

    • Its classification and its location
    • It’s the opening frequency and the number of available pitches
    • Its services and facilities, as well as any constraints

What are the main advantages of a mobile home?

An affordable property

Contrary to the purchase of real estate (apartment or house), the mobile home is largely more accessible in terms of price. Indeed, a brand new mobile home costs, on average, around 30 000 to 70 000 dollars. As for second-hand models, prices vary from 14,000 to 20,000 dollars.

However, you should know that this price will depend entirely on the general condition of the mobile home, as well as whether or not it is located on a campsite. Moreover, the location of the campsite also plays an important role in the value of your mobile home, as well as the services offered by the campsite.

An advantageous housing tax


By investing in a mobile home, you will be paid the housing and property taxes. Indeed, you will only have to pay the tourist tax, and this only applies to campsites classified as 3 stars or more. For your information, the tourist tax is now included between a floor rate of 0.20 dollars and a ceiling rate of 0.60 dollars, per person and night, since 2020.

A very profitable investment

With a mobile home, you will have the opportunity to rent it to families during vacations. However, to make your investment profitable, you must not only think about the good location of it (in the tourist areas) but especially optimize the services you will offer to your customers for ten months of rental per year.

Where to buy a mobile home, and what are the points to check when buying?


Whether you buy a new or used mobile home, your main contacts will be:

    • Mobile home manufacturers or distributors
    • Owners of campsites or residential leisure parks
    • Individuals who want to resell their property

Nevertheless, you should not neglect the following points if you choose a second-hand mobile home:

    • Absence of infiltration marks on the wall, the floor, and the ceiling
    • The frame is in perfect condition, without any rust or deformation
    • Doors and windows open and close properly
    • Make sure that all appliances, water heaters, gas installations, etc., are in good working order.
    • Not to mention the general condition and aesthetics of the mobile home, both inside and out

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