How Staging Can Help Sell Your Home
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How Staging Can Help Sell Your Home

How Staging Can Help Sell Your Home


    – Concept of home staging

    – Home staging: who to call?

    – Cost of home staging

Home staging is a practice that is developing more and more in Canada. It responds to a key idea: it is necessary to carry out some actions of modernization and standardization of your housing before its sale so that this one has even more chances to allure the potential purchasers. Television shows have popularized this technique of putting forward the property. 

Concept of home staging

Home staging involves highlighting a property to sell it quickly and with minimal negotiation. It aims to create a real “coup de coeur” for potential buyers who can more easily project themselves in the property when they visit it. It is based on the development of volumes, space, and light.

The implementation of home staging consists in:

    – depersonalize the decoration of the housing: it is a question of setting up a neutral decoration, accessible and likely to please the greatest number of buyers;

    – de-cluttering and tidying up the rooms;

    – harmonize the style of the house;

    – cleaning the home;

    – repairing minor damages.

We must not lose sight of the fact that home staging is not done to meet the current owner’s tastes but for potential buyers. It is not a question of completely renovating the property but of enhancing it. And many experts will agree that properly staged homes sell more quickly!

 Home staging: who to call?

To enhance your property, you have 2 solutions:

    – call upon a home stager;

    – do the staging yourself.

Staging by yourself

If you decide to do your home staging yourself, don’t hesitate to get information on decoration and real estate trends.

You can also, from the start, remove all your decorative elements, such as

    – family photos;

    – children’s drawings

    – vacation souvenirs, etc.

If you have pronounced wall colours, don’t hesitate to replace them with more neutral tones, always remembering to modernize your interior.

Thus, a few simple tips for deploying will allow you to do your home staging: 

    – make small defects disappear: change a light bulb, hide an electric wire, fill a hole in a wall…;

    – harmonize your interior by not multiplying the colours, for example;

    – de-clutter your interior, especially the shelves; 

    – Etc. 

Call on a home stager

How Staging Can Help Sell Your Home

A home stager is a real estate or decoration professional. He can offer you several types of services:

    – training in home staging;

    – diagnosis and recommendations;

    – complete service with the development work.

Professional stagers are adept at employing methods that have contributed to the perception of more extensive, brighter, and more appealing environments, such as furniture grouping and colour coordination. Simple, beautiful, and contemporary furniture and decor that has been proven to appeal to house buyers will frequently be brought in by stagers to help your property sell for the highest closing price feasible.

Cost of home staging

The cost of home staging is minimal compared to the property’s sale price but varies according to the services offered.

    – Training: from $100.

    – Diagnosis and recommendation: between $100 and $500.

    – Complete service: between 0,5 and 4 % of the selling price of the property.

Some professionals even propose to the customer not to move anything until the sale of the property.

Attention: ideally, the home staging cost should not exceed 2% of the selling price of your property. Beyond that, we are discussing a renovation, not the property’s optimization. Home staging will then no longer be “profitable”.

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