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The Perfect Checklist for Buying a Home

You recently found your dream home. It’s an important decision, and you want to ensure you’ve made the right choice, but how? Please put the purchase on hold for a while and read our perfect checklist that will tell you what you need to check before you buy your dream home.

1) Visit Your Dream Home Multiple Times

Before deciding on an offer, you need to make sure you have seen everything properly. It is common to underestimate certain costs or overlook certain flaws at first. However, once the home is yours, it is rightfully yours.

Therefore, when you visit, ensure you are accompanied by someone experienced and will notice defects faster than you.

2) Is the Location as Requested?

What is the orientation of the house? Is there sufficient natural light inside the house? Incoming light has a significant impact on the appearance of the house and also has a positive impact on heating costs. Are there enough stores nearby? What about school for the children? Will you need to drive far to go to the doctor? These are all factors to consider before making a decision.

3) Is the House Fully Furnished?

As you walk through the house, reflect on your daily routine. Does the format suit you? Is the kitchen practically furnished? Are there enough electrical outlets and lighting?

4) Do a Cost Estimation

Once the previous points are in place, you can examine the house’s condition.

  • How much and what kind of work is still needed to furnish the house fully?
  • What is the condition of the windows and doors? When were they updated? Are the windows single, double or high-performance glass?
  • Is there adequate ventilation? Pay particular attention to bathrooms and utility rooms.
  • Is the roof in good condition? Are there any accommodations? Is there insulation in the roof? Are the gutters and plumbing still in good condition?
  • How is the heating provided? Has it been recently renovated, and has renewable energy been chosen? For older heating systems: do they still work optimally?
  • Be sure to request a test certificate for the electrical panel.

5) What Defects Are Clearly Visible?

Every used house has defects. It is essential to know the extent of these defects. This can have a significant impact on your wallet.

If the house price is 30,000 euros lower because of a defect, but it is cheaper to fix it, then it is only to your advantage. Therefore, you need to do some calculations.

Some defects are complicated to find. Moisture and mold, for example. You can recognize them by symptoms such as dampness in the walls, loose or cracked skirting boards, peeling wallpaper, peeling paint, discolored plaster, etc.

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6) Find a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent can only work as a buyer’s agent, also called a seller, representing a client looking to buy a property. It is necessary to select an experienced, competent, and trustworthy person with whom you can establish a good rapport.

7) Make a Final Visit

In most cases, you will have one last chance to view the property 24 hours before closing. At that point, the house should be completely empty (except for appliances you have agreed to keep) and should reflect the conditions outlined in the contract. Check everything: faucets, light fixtures, appliances, toilets, doors, windows, HVAC, etc. If there are any problems, report them to the agency immediately.

What are the most essential things you take into account before purchasing your dream home? Don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comments below! We’d love to know!

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