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The Pros And Cons of Buying a Home With a Swimming Pool

Have you always dreamed of buying a home with a pool, but are worried about the potential risks? Relaxing in a backyard pool is appealing to many, but before you make a purchase, you may want to consider the pros and cons of buying a home with a pool.

Let’s start with the pros.

1) Property Valuation

Contrary to what is usually said, in-ground pools increase a home’s value. Materials become more valuable, and equipment becomes more energy efficient. This alone makes the house much more attractive.

A house with an inground pool increases capital gains by 5-10% on average. Thus, for a €500,000 home, you can expect to add between €25,000 and €50,000 in value from the pool’s construction.

2) Impact On Children’s Enjoyment

There is nothing more enjoyable than to see children having fun. There is a swimming pool for children to enjoy. Fun by the water is often the greatest garden asset for children. Children who are still young and those who are reaching puberty often use the pool intensively. This is why more and more parents are opting for swimming pools in their homes.

3) Impact on Family Time

The benefits of owning a pool are not limited to children. Grandparents, uncles, and others look forward to sharing time with their families around the yard and pool.

In short, the pool is a meeting place for everyone to play, talk, laugh, and spend quality time together without being distracted by other things.

4) The Garden Experience

Swimming pools offer both a passive and active garden experience. The water in the pool is refreshing, evening lighting is very atmospheric, and different colors are seen. You can splash, swim, and relax in pools, which will allow you to spend more time in the garden. Having a heated pool to maintain a comfortable temperature at all times and enhances the garden experience during the warmer summer months.

Pool parties are also trendy and can be very attractively decorated. Owning a pool allows children to invite their friends, family, and acquaintances to enjoy it with them.

Why Is a Home With A Swimming Pool Not Worth The Money?

1) High Maintenance Cost

While pools increase in value, they are also expensive to maintain. Combined with energy consumption, this can amount to thousands of euros per year. Will you opt for a low-energy system, an economical heat pump? Will you also have solar panels? Then the costs will be much lower.

In addition to the cost, you will also need time to clean the pool regularly. This can also be automated and left to workers, for example. Recognize that while there are benefits to pools in property valuation, this is not completely free.

2) Dangerous For Young Kids

Children love pools and splash and play all day long, but swimming pools can also be dangerous for young children, who need to be supervised. Water and children can be a tough match if they are not yet accustomed to getting into the water without help. Fortunately, there are safety measures that eliminate the hazards, so parents can let their children play with peace of mind. For instance, when safety devices are installed, the pool becomes a play paradise and provides little break time, as children have the opportunity to interact with each other. But this is, of course, something you can do in other ways as well if you cannot afford a pool.

The answer to the question, “Is a pool worth the money?” will be different for everyone. However, just know that a pool does not necessarily have to be expensive or large to be enjoyable.

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Swimming Pool Home

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