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5 Cities Where You Can Invest in the PACA Region

Located in the French territory, the PACA region is a set of departments saturated with wonders. Indeed, tourists enjoy a beautiful view and indulge in various fun activities in this region. Given this fact, this region is an ideal place for tourism and is recognized as a suitable place to invest. But, specifically, what cities can you invest your capital in?


Marseille is one of the cities where investment is a priority. Indeed, some of its districts are close to the sea and attract enough tourists. This way, it would be profitable to put your capital into rental investment. With the increasing number of visitors in this city, you will be able to rent your properties at reasonable prices (minimum 400 €/month) and make huge profits.

In addition, you should know that Marseille remains a fairly dynamic city. In fact, it is crossed by a very dense road network. This conditioning allows you to invest in the commercial sector. For example, with a good food business, you will be able to serve tourists and have significant revenues.


The city of Nice is the most popular area in the PACA region. Tourists are fascinated by the magnificent buildings in the arena district. Thus, since this area is close to the airport and is very accessible, you can pay for real estate in the area. As a result, you will be able to offer your accommodation to tourists at considerable prices and hope to get a return on investment.

In the Nice area, real estate prices are also low (average 4000 €/square meter). This situation allows you to acquire as many properties as possible and resell/rent them in the immediate future. With the beauty and prestige of Nice’s neighborhoods (Riviera, Cimiez, etc.), your rental investment will be profitable.


Known for its beauty, Toulon has an intensely developing real estate portfolio. Also, in this area of the PACA region, properties are often sold at low prices (maximum 2000 €/square meter). All these factors force you to invest most of your capital in real estate.

With the increasing demand for rental properties, you can make big profits from this investment. Apart from this element, it should also be noted that Toulon is a market where first-time buyers meet. This alternative allows you to find the right sale offer and make your profit easily.

Buy a house in Costa de Los Pinos


This agglomeration is a city that travelers with its coastline and beach admire. So, to make a profit, you must pay for a house near the coast and put it up for rent. By negotiating the purchase of the property at a reasonable price (3000 €/square meter), you have the opportunity to make your investment more than 30% profitable in the long run (renting 50 €/square meter/month at least).

These rates can be lowered in some regions of the city. For example, property prices are more affordable in the “La Duranne” district. Also, this area is crowded with families and retired people. These conditions are ideal for increasing your income.


The city of Frejus is an area characterized by a large hotel network and several amusement parks. These amenities attract big names who are willing to settle in this city. So, you can take advantage of this opportunity to pay for old apartments and renovate them. This way, you will be able to sell your properties at a high price to the city’s wealthy visitors.

In addition to this, there are also specific areas of Frejus that attract many tenants. For example, the Saint-Raphael area is known for its high number of tourists looking for low-cost concessions. So, you can also make rental investment in the area and make small profits.

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