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The Roles Of A Real Estate Broker In France

4 out of 10 French people have a real estate project during the year 2021, according to the real estate agency Equinimo. In order to liaise with all the real estate companies, banks, and credit institutions, you, as a buyer and as an individual, need a real estate broker. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some f the things you ought to know about the role of a real estate broker in France.

Accompany and advise


According to the Monetary and Financial Code, it is “the intermediary in banking operations and payment services”. The broker works with all the customers who wish to work in a real estate program: real estate purchase, rental investment, or purchase of a principal residence, whatever the type of property. The broker is a credit expert who is unfamiliar with the different types of existing loans. This intermediary in banking operations is continuously trained in order to update his knowledge in the field.

No matter what the project is, this brokerage expert will help you find financing to purchase a home. Attentive to the daily state of the financial and real estate market, he understands and masters the subject perfectly. He advises the purchasers to defiscaliser. Knowing the different real estate tax exemption schemes, he manages to obtain a tax reduction for buyers.

Putting together the files


In addition to the accompaniment and the search for credit, the broker also offers his help throughout the process of setting up the real estate credit: from the presentation of the project until the realization of the real estate purchase. They listen to the client’s needs and evaluate their financial situation in order to guide them towards an appropriate and realistic solution. This overview of the client’s contributions and available subsidies allows him to better prepare the files for a loan without personal contribution.

Are you about to apply for a home loan? The preparation of the file must be done relentlessly. In order to do so without fail, the broker reminds you of all the supporting documents to be gathered and checks the documents intrinsically linked to the project. Being your unique interlocutor, he helps you to constitute a solid file decorated with a beautiful negotiation to put all the chances on your side.

Negotiating the loan


The real estate broker also plays the role of defender of your interests, and this, by all means. Having a convincing knowledge of the mechanisms of real estate credit, he uses several cards in order to succeed in any negotiation. Also, he knows the requirements of each bank so that he can always renegotiate your loan. His only goal is to get you the best possible rate. He can then answer all your questions and simplify the realization of your plans to become a homeowner.

Moreover, the banks always take into account the savings and the contributions before releasing any sum. In order for you to have the capacity to repay the monthly payments in the eyes of a bank, the real estate broker will give you his wise advice. This may even lead to a lower bank loan rate. This professional, having meticulously studied the file of the purchaser, can also ask for a personal contribution appropriate to the project in question.

To realize a real estate investment, the broker intervenes in searching for credit with the banks. By studying the financial situation and calculating the buyer’s debt ratio, he can calculate his borrowing capacity.

In addition to indicating the best time to terminate in advance, it ensures that it offers more advantageous partnerships by putting credit organizations in competition. In reality, individuals find an interesting new program, but the rate offered by their bank does not suit their financial situation. Using a real estate broker is the only solution to get satisfaction.

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