Things to Consider to Find Excellent Real Estate Offers

Have you heard of real estate offers? As is the case in various sectors of the market and with the aim of stimulating sales or promoting a product that moves more slowly, real estate offers give you the opportunity to buy a house or other property at a price well below its value.

This concept is somewhat relative, since it depends on the aspects that each person appreciates the most, such as the price of the property, some of its characteristics, added values, among others. However, it is an excellent option for those who want to invest in real estate.

But When Is It Really Just an Offer or a Great Deal?

Finding a house at auction does not mean that it will be the right one for you. For this reason, the first thing to do is to identify your needs and the amount you can invest. To know if it is a good real estate offer, you have to compare the price with other similar houses. Here are three simple ways to measure it:

– Price per square meter of the area: it is advisable to analyze the price of the area (shortening as much as possible because a property can vary greatly from one street to another).

– Square meters: look at the square meters of the house. How do you do this? By comparing with properties of similar size, as the price per square meter is not the same in small and large houses.

– Conditions: by seeing the photos of the house, you can also compare with properties that are in similar conditions.

Below, are our tips on how to become a true “offer hunter”:

Identify Your Needs and Budget

House or apartment? Two or three bedrooms? In Bogota or Medellin? The first step is to define the characteristics of the property you need and the maximum amount you are willing to pay. This key is always a course of action when purchasing real estate.

Search for Real Estate Offers on Reliable and Specialized Sites.

Real estate fraud is more common than you can imagine, so it is important that you search on specialized sites such as a real estate agency. On some websites online you can find auctions of houses, apartments and other properties, and you can also offer the price that suits you best.

Don’t Miss the Real Estate Auctions

The real estate market has evolved and, thanks to technology, it is now possible to access virtual real estate auctions, which give you the opportunity to acquire a property cheaper, that is, at prices lower than those of commercial properties. And what is it? Basically, it is an event where a number of properties are offered at a lower price than those that are processed in the market, buyers have the opportunity to offer different values for them until the purchase is closed.

Ask in the Street Offers of Real Estate

For those who are more traditional in their search for housing and prefer to put technology aside, there are other methods. Considering that there are properties that, for one reason or another, are not visible on real estate portals, a good idea is to arrange visits. Asking security guards and neighbors is also often a good way to find good deals.

Negotiate the Price

Never walk away from a potential real estate deal you like without making an offer. The worst you can be told is “no”, but you can instead strike a good economic deal with the seller. Bring out all your entrepreneurial spirit!

There you go! With those tips, you should be able to find excellent real estate offer. Do you have tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments below.

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