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Where to Invest in Corsica?

Known for its beautiful locations and infrastructure, Corsica is a famous French region for tourists. Indeed, visitors are always obsessed with this territory and keep coming in droves yearly. Faced with this fact, many want to know where to invest in Corsica to take advantage of this flow of visitors. Otherwise, which regions of Corsica are profitable for investments? This article answers such a question.

Investing in Ajaccio

This city has recently become the most popular destination in Corsica. Indeed, recognized as the prefecture of the Corse-du-Sud, it offers visitors beautiful tourist sites and magnificent beaches. This factor makes most tourists rush toward this part of Corsica. So, considering this parameter, Ajaccio is the perfect city where you can make suitable investments. With the dynamism and the high flow of visitors, you are likely to make big profits. But, in terms of investment, starting with the real estate sector would be beneficial.

In fact, the city of Ajaccio offers different types of real estate (new or old) that you can acquire without spending a large budget. For example, you can easily have a property valued at 3500 €/square meter in the area. Thus, with the high rate of tourists, you will be able to rent the property and make a profit. Moreover, you should also know that Ajaccio is a city famous for its excellent walks. Therefore, think about investing in opening a store to sell sports equipment to hikers.

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Invest in Corte

Corte represents a commune located in the district of Haute-Corse. Filled with mountains and cliffs, it allows visitors to have a splendid view of the surrounding landscapes and the nearby seaside resorts. Because of this magnificent view, tourists are willing to make extended stays in this part of Corsica. Based on this factor, it is undeniable that Corte is a suitable area to invest in Corsica. With such an investment in Corte, you will have the opportunity to make significant profits.

To understand this assertion, you should first know that the extended stays of tourists will benefit you in rental investment. The more time they spend in Corte, the more money they will have to pay for the property you have rented. Furthermore, in Corte, it is cheaper to buy a property. For example, you only need 2700 € to have the square meter of a property. With this price, it would be easier to amass a significant income. But, Corte is also a very dynamic region. So, you can also invest in the transportation sector for more profit in Corsica.

Investing in Bastia

Saturated with beaches and mountains, Bastia offers its visitors many places to relax and enjoy themselves. Thus, it has become a priority destination, allowing tourists to evacuate their concerns quickly. This reality makes many people settle in the city. But, to avoid exhausting their budget in hotels, they need to find simple accommodations. To meet this demand, you can then consider making a rental investment in this part of Corsica. Here, this type of investment is as profitable as in the other departments of Corsica.

In fact, a property can be acquired for 2500 €/square meter. Unlike other regions where you will have to spend 3500 € per square meter, you spend less money in Bastia. So, with the right strategies, it will be possible for you to make enough profit. However, this reason is not the only one that attests to the best opportunities Bastia offers in the investment sector. Besides that, you should know that this city is famous for its cuisine. So, with the high flow of visitors, this area allows you to open an excellent profitable restaurant.

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