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Investing in Rental Property in the Grand EST in France

The Grand Est represents a huge region of the French territory that is home to beautiful infrastructure. Recognized as a strategic and suitable area for real estate, this part of France offers promising opportunities to diversify your income. For example, you can make rental investments. But, how can you manage to be more successful in the rental real estate sector in the Grand Est region of France? This article will give you the answers.

Rental Property in the Grand EST: Investing in Strasbourg

With over 280,000 inhabitants, Strasbourg is a city known for its excellent infrastructure and its huge market. It is also prioritized as a destination because it offers good employment opportunities to visitors. Based on these elements, Strasbourg has become the ideal place for young people, families, students, etc.

This demographic explosion makes the rental real estate sector a very profitable business. Indeed, paying for real estate in this area will allow you to rent it quickly. Also, it should be noted that the purchase price is very affordable in Strasbourg (3000 €/square meter maximum for a property). As a result, the benefits you can get from rental property are pretty high.

Rental property in the Grand Est: investing in Reims

Of all the regions in the Grand Est, Reims is by far the most suitable area for rental property. Indeed, in the first place, it attracts the maximum number of tourists with its historical heritage and its new districts. Secondly, this city is among those that benefit the most from the Pinel law. These two characteristics increase the rental demand and allow you to make more profits.

In fact, this law allows you to reduce about 5000 € on your taxes. This advantage will be very profitable because it minimizes your expenses and increases your profits. Apart from that, you should also know that the real estate prices are accessible in this part of the Grand Est (2500 €/square meter maximum). To make big profits in this sector of activity, it would be profitable for you to make your investment in Reims.

Rental Property in the Grand EST: Investing in Troyes

Troyes is a very active area. Every year, it welcomes hundreds of tourists and at least 10,000 students. To find a place to live, each person is obliged to rent a concession or a classic house. This phenomenon allows statisticians to estimate a percentage of 65% of the city’s tenants. So, this situation is ideal for you and perfectly shows why you should invest in rental real estate in Troyes.

Indeed, this high demand allows you to take several apartments and quickly put them up for rent. Thus, you can easily make the maximum income and make your investment profitable. In addition to this fact, you should also know that Troyes offers properties at relatively low prices. For a square meter, you will have to pay a maximum of 1500 €. This rate allows you to buy more apartments and rent them.

Troyes definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Rental Property in the Grand EST: Investing in Metz

Metz is known as the most technological city in the Grand Est. Indeed, it offers tourists new technologies in communication and information. As these sectors are booming, people from other regions are migrating to this region to improve their lives. This situation is causing a demographic explosion that benefits the rental investment business.

So, when you put your income into the purchase of apartments or buildings, you have the chance to occupy them quickly by making an excellent rental offer. The prestige and beauty of the city allow you to set a minimum of 20 €/square meter for the rental of a small room. With this rate, you can make maximum profit. Moreover, your profits can only increase with the affordable purchase price of real estate in the region (1800 €/square meter).

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