Why Young Married Couples Are Choosing to Live In Gated Communities?
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Why Young Married Couples Are Choosing to Live In Gated Communities?

In India, it is very common to find young married couples living with their parents. With time, couples chose to live in separate houses. However, today young married couples prefer a cozy house in a gated community rather than an individual house. Let’s find out why!

What Is a Gated Community?

What Is a Gated Community?Also known as a walled community, a gated community refers to a form of residential community or neighborhood which consists of strictly controlled access. The housing estate is a collection of homes that are accessible only to residents and their respective guests. The community is guarded and enclosed within walls, gates and fences and they usually have fixed entrance and exit points. Since these communities are home to high-value properties, they are guarded by private security guards. Small residential streets as well as shared amenities, can also be found in gated communities.

In recent years, the popularity of gated communities has grown exponentially. It is now the latest housing trend and is much in demand among homeowners all across the world. A gated residential community is like a private club with restricted access and this is why it is considered as the preferred choice for millennials. Seeking a safe, secluded and secure environment to live in, the rich are also increasingly opting for guard-gated communities.

However, the gated community is not a new concept.

Some claim that the origins of gated communities can be dated back to Egypt in the 1980s, when Egyptians preferred living in gated residential areas, searching for certain values like prestige, security and a sense of community. Others claimed that a form of gated community has always existed in America since the colonial era. In fact, according to a study, the Llewellyn Park in Eagle Ridge, N.J, designed by businessman Llewellyn Solomon Haskell, is what sparked the trend we see today.

Authors Mary Gail Snyder and Ed Blakely, wrote that, “Gated communities are part of the trend of suburbanization, and their roots lie in the same urban design tradition. The suburb is a distinctly American form, but its roots can be traced to nineteenth-century England.” 

Advantages of a Gated Community

Advantages of a Gated CommunityA house is where people spend most of their time and therefore housing choice is not a simple decision to make. Although housing choice can depend on several factors, it is not only limited to personal preferences. The location and neighborhood also have a major role to play in the choice process.

According to 2020 statistics, married couples accounted for nearly 79 % of home purchases. However, research shows that young married couples prefer living in gated communities rather than individual houses or apartments. Why?

Let’s find out!

High Security

Break-ins are the most worrisome property crime concern across several countries and single-family houses are often attractive targets to home invaders.

A secure house is one that discourages crimes and gated communities are known for their high and non-intrusive security. With gated communities, your safety is never compromised.

With gated enclosures and security guards to check the entrance and exit points, the security of walled communities remains pretty tight 24/7. Every visitor who comes and goes is monitored. In addition, the community is well-guarded with the latest technology. Keypad systems, alarms, cameras and motion sensors serve as a great deterrent for thefts and accidents.

Although this does not guarantee your protection or mishap reduction, at least the importance of a safe and secure residence is not underestimated.

Enhanced Privacy

Every neighborhood has nosey neighbors. But, today, no one wants to deal with rude and sloppy neighbors or annoying salesmen who keep disturbing you.

Privacy can mean different things to different homeowners, but young married couples are entitled to privacy. Gated communities are, therefore, preferred because it offers more privacy than non-gated residential areas.

Good Investment

Compared to individual houses or apartments, guard-gated communities offer high security, privacy, superior amenities and interesting community activities. As a result, houses in these communities will hold their value and appreciation over time.


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