10 Tips to Become the Best Real Estate Agent in Your Area

Being a great professional is not only a great new year’s resolution, growing will set your real estate consulting service apart from the competition and, most importantly, help you close more deals starting today. Wondering how? In today’s article, we uncover 10 keys that will make you the best real estate agent in your area. Take note and put them into practice today!

  1. Your Knowledge

Not only do you train in sales or marketing issues, but you need to know your clients, the market, the properties you will be showing and the area you will be working in. Focus on gaining a broad knowledge of the properties that are being advertised, where, when, at what price; find out when they sold, their final price, the properties that did not sell. This will give you many tools to offer a more accurate valuation to your clients, generate more confidence in them and feel more secure in your business.

  1. Anticipate

Some consultants live from day to day, they go to the client, to see what they say. You can’t improvise, you have to anticipate their doubts, concerns, possible objections and additional services they need.

  1. Give Added Value

Avoid falling into monotony or “everyone does it this way”. You need to highlight some of your qualities: if you want to be the best, add value to your service, which means all the extras you can give and have. This is how you will differentiate yourself.

  1. Network

The more relationships you build and the more you are present with your clients, your clients’ partners and the union, the more opportunities you will have to do business and succeed.

  1. Don’t Cover a Very Large Area

The desire to expand your area of operation is tempting, but showing properties far from your area will consume time and resources and you will lose productivity. It is better to specialize in a certain area. Know your advantages, characteristics and business opportunities; make yourself known to your neighbors and, once you have influence there, you can expand but always consider that you must have a point of reference.

  1. Follow-Up and Coaching

The biggest complaint from homeowners and buyers is the lack of attention from advisors. Your job is to accompany and advise them, to put all the options on the table for them to choose from and to be attentive to their doubts. When you do this, you stop being “the” advisor and become “their” advisor. This makes a huge difference.

  1. Be Innovative

Study the competition to see what they are doing and look for ways to go further. Exploring new things and experimenting makes you more productive and will determine that you are the one setting the trend and differentiating yourself from others.

  1. Manage a Service Presentation

When you are looking to do business, don’t just walk in with the client to talk about your business or property benefits. You need to have a portfolio of services for the owner and for the buyer with all the necessary elements to make you stand out: so the client knows who you are, what you do, how you specialize, what your preparation is, who you’ve worked with, what your market is, why you are an expert in the field. Show it visually with impactful images.

  1. Let Your Service Speak for You

Saying you are the best is not in you, but in what the client talks about you with another client. Better to say you are different and prove it. We are in the business of perception and clients want to work with what they perceive as the best consultant or office.

  1. Be the Best Version of Yourself

Prepare yourself mentally every day to be the most outstanding and give your best, that extra something to differentiate yourself from others. This way you will see how business will start to come to you.

How long have you been in this industry? Let us know about your career story in the comments below – we would love to read from you.


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