Everything You Need to Know Before Renting a Storage Unit

Every year, many people store their belongings in a storage facility for some time. There are many reasons why they opt for this solution: the completion of renovation work on their home, moving, lack of space, etc. The duration of the rental generally depends on the type of contract. More explanation!

What Is a Storage Rental Contract?

This contract is fundamental because it mentions all the general conditions of the rental: the responsibility of the storage company, the price, the storage volume, the payment terms, etc. But it also contains essential and additional information, such as the storage location and the seal numbers (if it is an individual container).

Before signing the contract, you must provide the rental company with a few supporting documents, including:

An identity document;
A proof of address;
A security deposit.

How to Choose a Storage Facility?

There are several storage facilities, and the rental period’s length depends largely on the type of storage facility. Here are some examples:

The Classic Storage Unit

This one is most often held by movers. It is a room that is often ventilated and made of leaded wooden boxes. It is used to store objects and furniture. It also allows you to benefit from a 24/7 surveillance of your goods.

Self-service storage

This type of storage is also known as self-storage. It has the same system as the traditional or classic model. Indeed, it is ventilated to avoid the formation of molds. It is also treated against pests and rodents. On the other hand, you must store your furniture and objects in the box yourself. In addition, the room is secured with an alarm, video surveillance, and guards.

Mobile Storage

This one has the principle of having a storage unit directly at home. The mobile storage will be closed and moved to the warehouse when the goods are placed there.

Maritime container storage
The maritime container storage unit or container self-storage is a metal box that is insulated and waterproof. It is often placed on secure and closed ground.

Steps to Follow Before Renting a Storage Unit

Before renting a storage unit, it is advisable to choose a specific date. This way, you will have time to notify your relatives to help move your objects and furniture. At the same time, this will allow you to organize transportation and schedule an appointment with a professional mover.

You should also check the options and equipment of the storage facility.

The Duration of a Storage Unit Rental

In general, there is no minimum duration for a storage unit rental. In fact, you can rent it for as little as one day, one month, or even for several years. In addition, most furniture storage companies offer a monthly payment plan. This way, you can rent it for a short time. This system also allows you to break the contract whenever you want.

However, more and more storage centers are offering more attractive deals, such as renting for 1 euro for the first month. But to benefit from this rate, you must rent the storage unit for at least two months.

Cancellation of a Storage Unit Rental Contract

If you want to cancel the rental contract of your storage unit, a 15 days notice is required. Some centers only require one week’s notice.

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