These Phrases Could Kill Your Home Buying Dreams
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These Phrases Could Kill Your Home Buying Dreams

 Buying your first house can be a whirlwind experience. From the butterflies that come with finding the perfect home-sweet-home to knowing what paperwork you need to fill out or what requirements you need to fit, it can be very hectic. However, it is equally important to remember that there are certain things you shouldn’t talk about when you are hunting houses.

“This Is My Dream Home!”

“This Is My Dream Home!”If you are a poker player, you’d know that even when you have a royal straight flush and everyone folds, you can’t just show this once-in-a-lifetime hand. Showing your cards or your poker abilities can boost your ego but can’t ensure your victory. The same goes for when you are hunting houses.

Let’s say you’ve been looking for that perfect house with attractive architectural features, unique details and a large backyard; even when you find that house, you cannot express your unbridled passion for it. No matter how much a house appeals to you, you cannot simply tell the owner, “This is the dream house I’ve been looking for!”

Why not?

Price negotiations are very common in real estate. However, you can’t get a good deal on your purchase when you’ve already made it known that you are very much interested in the house.

Ryan Ribbons is a real estate broker in Bergen Country, NJ and according to him, “Talking about “dream house” with a seller can help the latter snag more money out of you, because they really know how much this house means to you. This is why all discussions about the house and any negotiating strategies are best left in private.”

“I Can Afford to Spend X Amount.”

“I Can Afford to Spend X Amount.”Suppose you found a house, became very friendly with its owner and during your first visit, you mentioned that you could afford to spend at least $ 300, 000. But what happens later on when you find that the house is worth less than what you are willing to pay? You may think that you can negotiate with the seller. However, it won’t be surprising if the seller doesn’t agree to settle for $ 250, 000 or $ 200, 000 when he knows you can afford to pay more.

Sometimes, it’s quite a good idea to let the seller know how much approximately you can afford to spend on the house, but there is a line that’s not to be crossed.

Maryjo Shockley is a real estate agent who has served in areas like Wellington, Lake Worth and Loxahatchee. According to her, “A potential buyer should never address with a seller or a seller’s agent anything concerning their financing or ability to pay a full-price offer. This hampers the ability to negotiate the fairest price of the property. Finding a fairly price home is what matters to us more than the amount we can afford.”

“This Piece of Furniture Is Hideous.”

“This Piece of Furniture Is Hideous.”Almost anything is negotiable. I don’t mean that you can get a discount, but, for instance, I’ve seen many sellers agreeing to leave some furniture as part of the deal or give a slightly lower price if they like the prospective buyers and find them to be very friendly and nice. However, that won’t happen if you keep reminding them of their poor taste in furniture or décor.

Despite the harsh consequences of the pandemic, the real estate business is still booming and yet there are many who struggle to find a house that suits their style.

When it comes to home décor, we all have different tastes and preferences. While some love classic and traditional designs, other might prefer sophisticated and contemporary décor. When you are hunting houses, it is very important to remember not to badmouth the fabric of the curtains, the type of utensils in the kitchen or the overall décor of the house. Otherwise, it would feel like an insult to the seller, who might eventually refuse to sell the house to you.



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