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Home Buying Pitfalls: 8 Tips to Avoid Them

You’ve found your dream home. And now you want it as soon as possible. But there are some traps that you should be aware of!

1) Going For One Visit Only

Once you enter this house, you will know everything about it. However, there is no doubt that you will miss something on your first visit. The first view does not give you the whole picture. It is best to look a second time (or a third or fourth time if you have the chance) to not rush into a purchase. In today’s market, you don’t always have time. So, make your decision calmly.

Tip: Take someone with a critical eye. This can be a friend or family member or purchasing manager.

2) No Building Inspections

Building inspections are time-consuming, expensive, and often frustrate sellers. However, it is essential to know the house’s condition before buying it. Additionally, it is vital to investigate legal requirements. Examples include zoning plans, rights of way, and other easements. The law states that the buyer must inspect the house at all costs for defects.

Tip: Ask to include an inspection of the property in the settlement terms of the purchase agreement.

3) Not Consulting a Mortgage Advisor

You need good personal mortgage advice before you start bidding on a house. If you enter negotiations without certainty of your mortgage limit, negotiations may break down at the last minute.

Tip: Involve a mortgage advisor early in the home search process.

4) Forgetting the Legal Check

Sounds simple. The seller has the house and sells it to you. After that, it is yours. Usually this is true, but there are more complicated cases, such as after a divorce or if you bought the house as an inheritance. There may also be remaining litigation over the place and its immediate surroundings.

Tip: Be critical and keep asking questions. Sellers are obligated to inform their customers about these matters.

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5) Not Thinking About The Future

As you begin your home search, make a list of your requirements. It is possible that your new home will not meet all of your needs, but think twice before putting in too many demands. Always critically compare the house you like with the first list of requirements you made.

Tip: Check again to see if the house suits what you want to do every day. Not just now, but in the future.

6) Bad Negotiation

Careful negotiation can save you thousands of dollars, but it is a profession in itself.

TIP: If you are not a thoroughbred negotiator, get help from a buying broker.

7) Not Inspecting The Location

The house may be beautiful, but do you pay attention to its surroundings? The neighborhood’s atmosphere, parking, and accessibility to work, stores, schools, and other daily activities are essential to your enjoyment of life. It can also be easy to get so absorbed in your enthusiasm that you overlook things that might bother you.

Tip: Explore the neighborhood at different times of the day and search for information online about the area.

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8) Absence of Resolution Conditions

Resolution terms allow you to dissolve the sale in unforeseen circumstances. A “financing condition” in the preliminary sales contract will protect you if you cannot obtain a mortgage. A reserve fund for building inspections can be renegotiated if there is a lot of overdue maintenance work.

Tip: Some sellers prefer not to include these conditions in the purchase agreement. Don’t be hasty. Without resolution terms, you are taking a considerable risk. Penalties are usually included in prior purchase agreements. In the event of default by the buyer, the customer must pay the penalty. In most cases, the penalty is 10% of the purchase price.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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