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How to Build and Live In a Christian Community?

There comes a time when some of us are fed up with living within four walls by just ourselves. “There must be something more to life than this.” That’s when we end up living in a community.

If you’d go some thousand years back in human history, you’d learn that communal living was a tradition. People would live together in large camps, share food and depend on each other for hunting, childcare and so on. Today, we see a repeat in history as people start living more in communities. We’ve seen a fair share of hippy crash pads, but what about the rise in Christian communities?

If we were in the 90s, selling your home and moving to a rural area to start a Christian community would have made you seem like a god-fearing, kind and loving Christian in the eyes of society. Today, however, the same idea would sound “cultic” and strange to many.

Living in this contemporary world, many Christians are struggling with the responsibilities of modern life. We fear being obsessed and belonging to this world. Our perspectives are deemed as unreasonable and fictitious. We know it’s not easy to persevere, but we yearn to carry on God’s mission. At this point, isn’t it normal to think of communal Christian living?

All of us have that delicate need in our hearts that ache for a deep connection with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Indeed, building and living in a Christian communication can prove to be very beneficial and positive –both in terms of spiritual and non-spiritual – only if things are carried out in the right way!


Pray“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

– From Philippians 4:6

To me personally, praying is as important as breathing or eating. It’s a functional prerequisite.

Yes, prayers are about finding God’s purpose in your life, seeking His presence and cultivating your relationship with Him. But, remember that Jesus also said prayers done with faith and persistence could even move mountains. I believe prayers are powerful weapons God has given us. If used correctly, they can help us achieve anything.

So, I would recommend you to ask God if it’s in His will for you to build or live in a Christian community. Ask him to create opportunities for you and to bring people to you.

Accept Each Other

Accept Each OtherA Christian community can draw together a group of people coming from different social classes and educational backgrounds, political leanings and geographic places. These differences often become a source of conflicts and disagreements. However, this is when you should remember that all of us, despite our physical or non-physical appearances, was created by the same God in His image.

In 2 Corinthians 6:16, we learn that “We are the temple of the living God. As God has said: “I will live with them and walk among them.””

So, when you are living, looking at or talking to a neighbor in the community, you have to remember that the same God living within you is living with that person also.

Furthermore, differences among Christians can be seen as God’s beauty and diversity as He created each of us.

Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy NeighborThe essence of a Christian community is not only about living with other like-minded believers, but to being kind, thoughtful and loving to your neighbors.

Every day should be framed as if you are not living with a couple of strangers but rather with your family members. There should be uniqueness in the way you treat your neighbors.

Avoiding disagreements is good, but what about nourishing your fellowship experience?

Even when life can be overwhelming in a community, try to think, say and act like how Jesus would. Do not hold a grudge against your neighbor. Help even the one who always seems to contradict you. Be kind to all and try to always attend get-togethers.










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