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5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Real Estate Listings

Sellers want as many people to see their property as possible in order for it to sell. This puts pressure on agents and brokers to get high search rankings, which is where the bulk of individuals start their property search. As syndicated listings, your listings may show on other competing websites. While there is no silver bullet for getting your internet listing to rank number one for a property, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of leapfrogging the competition. Here are ten techniques to boost your listings’ search engine traction in no particular order.

1. Share Your Listings on Social Media

This appears to be a no-brainer for a company page on Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, because your network can quickly spread these listings via links and perform a lot of the legwork for you. But be careful not to abuse these tools and come out as blatantly commercial. Simply publishing ads without context might have the opposite effect, and the Likes and Followers you’ve accumulated over time will go swiftly. If you come across an item with a compelling story, leave a remark about it and explain why you believe your network should see it.

2. Create a video tour of the property

Because videos are searchable, video tours have the advantage of gaining search engine traction. Include the address, MLS number, as well as some keyword-rich language in the video title and description to optimize it. Include a link to the home detail view page of the site rather than just a linking to your home page to ensure that visitors are sent to the appropriate page rather than having to look for it again on your site. Property video tours can be low-cost or high-quality. If you’re selling a luxury home for a good commission, it’s worth investing some money up front to advertise the property properly.

If you tour the viewer with yourself in front of the camera, you may gain even more trust by proving that you understand the property inside and out. It’s also an effective marketing approach for attracting other sellers who are seeking for a listing agent.

3. Enhance the listing with additional information

The option to further optimize your own listings beyond what is provided in the MLS is one of the numerous advantages of owning a real estate website with Union Street Media. Other updating the location, this might involve changing the page’s title. Include a video tour, tweak the URL for a higher click-through rate in search engines, and give more keyword-rich language as other methods to improve your listing. More signals will be sent to search engines, which will enhance your rankings and make the listing more link-worthy.

4. Blog about your listings

Your blog, like social media, is a method to engage with site visitors in a less formal way, therefore avoid an obviously commercial blog strategy. In addition to producing other forms of material on your site, select listings of interest each week to blog about. Listing spotlights entice subscribers because there is thought put into the selection of homes and a unique description that differs from the MLS description found on the normal listing page. The SEO benefits of blog articles can help contribute to the listing’s search ranking and, when combined with a video tour or listing video and photographs, can offer value that drives your rankings up, allowing you to beat out all the big real estate websites and achieve number one in Google.

5. Feature your listing on your home page

There are times when you need to get material in front of existing traffic, and there is no better location to do so than your home page. Our websites provide clients with a number of featured listings alternatives that swiftly direct visitors to your listings. We also keep track of visitor indicators like conversion rate, which is on average greater for site users who have looked at a highlighted listing. In some circumstances, a single listing might be the featured listing, which performs a wonderful job of highlighting a property for an individual agent with only a few listings.

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