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Why Buy a Home in Italy?

Owning a picturesque Tuscan villa, a beautiful Italian Alps cabin or a charming house in a medieval village has always been the dream of millions of people who gaze at this territory. Italy is considered the perfect country to spend the best vacation of your life, with its breathtaking architecture and spectacular landscapes.

Until a few years ago, only the wealthy foreigners looked at this country, and everyone with a smaller budget bought a home in a foreign country with lower costs, such as Spain or England. Today, however, the situation has changed dramatically, and more and more foreigners are looking to buy a second home in Italy. But what are their reasons for coming here?

Reasons to Buy a Home in Italy

The Good Economic Return From Renting

Italy is dotted with world-class tourist cities such as Rome, Venice, and Florence, which are constantly visited by tourists, resulting in very high economic returns on rental properties. The warmer climate of Italian cities compared to other European tourist destinations means that tourists visit for a relatively long period, providing income potential and reducing investment risk.

Tuscany and Lake Como have been trendy investment areas for years, which is incredible considering that property prices in these areas have risen significantly in the past.

Currently, Northern Italy is mainly well known as a region where foreign investors can earn high economic returns from their rentals. The area offers an attractive and varied landscape, from green vineyards to colorful countryside. The Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta regions are also promising.

Safety of the Real Estate Market

The Italian real estate market is very stable and has continued to grow firmly and steadily even after the global financial crisis. Therefore, the country’s real estate market is a safe investment destination in the long run.

Considering all the risks with real estate investments, Italy is a fairly safe place to invest. The Italian government itself recognized the importance of the Italian market and wanted to create an environment that would make it easier for foreign buyers to invest in their country. The government has embarked on a series of legal and governmental policy changes to increase investor interest in Italian territory, including more favorable purchase terms and better guarantees for new landlords to reduce further the risks of buying and renting.

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An Area of Breathtaking Beauty

49 UNESCO heritage sites, the Dolomites, Venice, Rome, Florence, and the Apulian Trulli are just a few of the incredible riches that can be found in the Italian territory.

The 20 regions that make up the peninsula form a world of their own in terms of landscapes, architecture, traditions, and food. Mountains, green flowering plains, beautiful seaside resorts, and enchanting medieval villages are mixed.

Italy has something for everyone. From Gothic architecture to Renaissance treasures, from medieval villages to maritime cities with crystal clear waters. The most beautiful ski resorts and mountain slopes in Europe, the green vineyards and colorful plains in spring, the uniquely brightly colored forests in autumn, and the seaside resorts in summer.

Yes, Italy is still the land of dreams today! Unrealized flavors can only be found on their table. Desserts, wines, and full courses that are the envy of the world.

Buying a House Is Easy

Buying a house in Italy is very easy; just follow the proper steps. Unfortunately, some insist that the bureaucratic system one has to go through to buy is very complicated and confusing and requires a lot of negotiation and planning. A real estate attorney can help you buy without any problem, and selling is even easier. The best way to sell a property quickly to a foreigner is to use a reliable online real estate portal.

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