The Ridiculously Thorough Guide to College Dorms

If you’ve went to college, then you know what college dorms are like, and if you never lived in one, then it must be nice to come from a wealthy family because I couldn’t get an off-campus apartment with my friends during the first year. I moved from a small city in the south to go to NYU, and let me tell you that is a big cultural shift, and you need time to acclimate to your new location, and as someone who just ended their college journey, then I know what I’m talking about when it comes to college dorms. Sharing a room with a stranger can be weird at first, but you’ll get used to it over time. So without further ado, let’s get into the list of things you need to know about college dorms,

Types of college dorms


Each college have different student accommodation, and dorms change from college to college, but the following are the different types of dorms that you can expect to see in most colleges.

1. Coed by floor dorms

Some dorms are coed by floor; that is, you will still share your room with someone of the same gender, but you will live with people of the opposite gender in the same dorm building. Usually, the two are separated by floors that are, they may alternate one floor for males and the other for females.

2. Coed by room


Some rooms don’t separate by gender, and for me, this is the best option out there because what if you don’t fit in the heteronormative guide of what is male or female and you are non-binary? This means male/male rooms are next to female/female rooms. However, male/female cohabitation is still not allowed in most dorms.

3. Freshman dorms

Some colleges have dorms only for freshmen because they want them to get to know each other before they are left out to survive on their own in college. It is a way to force students to socialize with each other.

4. Quiet floors

To encourage good habits and because some people love quiet, some college dorms have quiet floors where you aren’t allowed to make noises after a certain time, and for me, this is one of the seven circles of hell. College is supposed to be fun and not a prison.

5. Sexual orientation dorms

Depending on your school, and this is a new thing that is starting to gain more and more traction, but there has been an increase in queer dorms. This is where queer students are given a safe space where they can move with people of the same sexual orientation as them, and this creates a sense of community and is also great for people who want to meet people like this and is also a very inclusive space.

6. Single-gender dorms


Some colleges separate students from their sexes and have a full dorm building with only one gender, and members of the opposite sex aren’t allowed in after or before certain hours. For me, this is an archaic form of cohabiting, but hey, I don’t make the rules.

7. Special college dorms

Not all colleges have the proper equipment to fit and make the life of a handicapped student as smooth and enjoyable as possible, but today there are some special college dorms that are specifically built for people who are disabled and are a great addition that more and more college should put in place. Some special dorms are also set aside for international students and even honors students.

8. substance-free dorms

This is an excellent idea because we all know that college is the time that most of us try drugs and alcohol, and having substance-free dorms means that it is strictly prohibited to do drugs or drink there. This is perfect for people who suffer from addiction or who don’t partake in these types of activities because of their religious practice.

Advice from a veteran


College is the time for you to have fun and discover yourself, be it sexually, academically or even career-wise. Remember, enjoy the journey every step of the way because you will miss it after you are done with it because you’ll be in the real adult world after this, and there is no going back. Have fun, get drunk with your friends and make lasting memories with your college friends. My motto for college is to study as much as you have fun. Also, pull some all-nighters and go to frat and sorority parties as they are the place where you’ll have the most fun in college. Remember to enjoy the ride and don’t stress over the little things; you matter, and you are doing great, sweetie. Trust me, I went to parties Whenever I could and even went to lecturer drunk and even went to a couple of exams hangover, and I still graduated with a first-class degree with honors.

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