Increase the Sale Value of Your Home by Making It Child-Friendly

Home is safety, and children’s safety depends on adults. We can avoid any type of incident at home by implementing some tips to make your home the safest place for your children. And, if you are planning to sell, those tips will increase your house selling value, especially for families with kids. In today’s article, we are here to bring you those helpful recommendations. Read attentively!

Prevention is Better than Cure

Children really like to touch everything, and in their early years, they also know things by touch. That’s why objects that can be dangerous to them should be kept out of their reach:

Hazardous Objects to Be Stored

Knives, lighters, sharp objects like files and pliers, razors…. All of these should be stored neatly and out of the reach of children. The main goal is to keep their own curiosity in check.

Safe Toys

Always choose non-toxic toys, and large objects so that they cannot be swallowed, with no small parts that can be put in the mouth, nose or ears.

No chemicals on Hand

What chemicals? Cleaning products, medicines and cosmetics, which, when ingested, cause poisoning. The key is to keep them out of sight, not just leave them up high or put them in a drawer in front of you. The child may see them up there and inadvertently want to climb up or look for what we have hidden in the cupboard. We need to put these things out of their reach and sight, and do it when they can’t see us.

A Safe House for Everyone

You may know your house by heart, but not the child, who does not pay too much attention to the details that could represent a danger to him. To avoid accidents, we can do things like these:

– Stairs and windows: It is very simple and it never hurts to place a small door on the stairs, to prevent children from accessing this dangerous area alone. It is also important to put safety grills on windows and balconies, for example in the parts of the second floor that are left open. A good idea is to cover the stairs with padded mats (as in the photo above) to prevent slipping and cushion any tripping.

– The kitchen is a red zone: The largest number of household accidents occur in the kitchen, so it’s critical that children stay away from this area of the house when fires are burning. For safety, do not cook on the front burners or leave the oven on unattended.

– Electricity: Electrical outlets are dangerous (for adults too). Check them, make sure everything is in order and, if possible, cover them with protective covers that you can buy at any supermarket. If they are used, they should be behind the sofa, cabinets or furniture that hides them.

– Crib: To prevent your baby from poking his or her head through the bars of the crib, make sure there is no more than 7.5 cm between them.

– Bunk Beds: If the boys’ room has bunk beds, the top bed should always have a barrier (this applies to single beds that are a little higher than normal for some reason).

Final Recommendations

Prohibited Objects

Plastic bags, coins, buttons, handkerchiefs and anything that can be swallowed or wrapped around the head, well stored and out of sight.

Be Careful in the Water

If you have a pool, never stay in that area alone. The same goes for the bathtub, as soon as they are in it, they must be accompanied by an adult.

Rounded Furniture

At least the child’s room should have furniture with rounded edges instead of spikes. Other areas of the house can benefit from the same advantage, just soften the corners with an aggregate at the ends.

A safe house is a happy house. With fewer bumps and tears, you and your children will surely have time to spend quality time at home. So now: enjoy and increase home sale value! And, if you believe with missed essential tips, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below; we would love to read from you.

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