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Top 4 Things To Know About Selling Your Home

Just like buying, selling a property requires good preparation. From the definition of the price to the signature of the notarized deed through the sales strategy, there are indeed several steps to follow and many steps to complete. It is preferable to put all the assets on your side to sell your property and make a good deal. What do you need to know before putting your property up for sale? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about selling your home.

1. Current real estate market conditions


The real estate sector has withstood the health crisis, but the trends have changed. It is clear that large metropolitan areas have been gradually abandoned in favor of smaller cities and rural areas. Households prefer to live in cocoons and larger homes with gardens or swimming pools. Also, the use of telecommuting is more and more frequent in companies.

As a result, people are choosing single-family homes over luxury apartments in large cities. In addition, demand has been growing steadily since 2020, both in the new and existing real estate markets. As a result, real estate prices are also on the rise throughout the country, and selling times are decreasing. This represents a real boon for owners who wish to sell their properties.

2. How to set the price correctly?

During a real estate transaction, the price of the property is a decisive element. It should not be too high or too low. It is important to set a fair price that will suit both parties (the seller and the buyer). This way, you will be sure to find buyers quickly and make a good deal. To do this, you must take into account several parameters:

  • The geographical situation: a house in a big city will cost more than another one in a neighboring department,
  • The type of property: single-family homes are generally more valuable than apartments,
  • The general condition of your property: if your home needs repair work, then its value will be lower,
  • The size of the property and the layout of the different rooms: the larger the property, the more you can potentially ask for. Beyond the surface area, the layout of the different rooms is also important,
  • The assets of the property: the presence of a garden/pool, the proximity of the property to shops, transport, etc.

If you overestimate your property, you risk waiting a long time before finding a buyer. To simplify your task, you can use real estate estimation platforms. You just have to fill in the requested information, and the platform will give you an approximate value of your property. For a more precise and objective estimate, you can call upon a real estate professional or a specialized agency.

3. The importance of staging your home

A house sells itself. If you want to sell your property well, you will have to enhance the value of your home. A clean, neat, and tidy home will be better perceived by buyers. The first thing to do is to do some remodeling to make it more attractive. For example, think about repainting some of the rooms in your house. Choose bright, sober, and not-too-extravagant paintings. Then, tidy up your rooms, especially the bathroom, the kitchen, and the bedrooms.

Be careful not to clutter them up, as an overcrowded room tends to scare off buyers. Then think about renewing the lighting in your home. Present your property in its best light by replacing outdated lights. If necessary, also redo the insulation of the house, especially if it is old. A home with good energy performance will be worth more on the market.

4. The documents you need to sell your property


To complete the sale of a property, the owner must provide the buyer with certain documents:

  • The seller’s declaration,
  • The gas and/or electricity bills,
  • The declaration of co-ownership, if there is one,
  • The copy of the offer to purchase,
  • The certificate of the location of the property,
  • The mortgage discharge if you have taken out a mortgage,
  • The previous deed of sale.

You can ask a real estate agent about the formalities of obtaining these documents. He can also accompany you in the different steps until the conclusion of the sale.

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