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Interior Design Trends For 2023

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to take stock and look at the trends for 2023 in the interior design world. Here are the concepts, styles, and materials that will be the stars in the coming months.

Trends 2023: What’s New?

The final months of 2022 have confirmed some trends that emerged in the first part of the year, but new trends will keep us company throughout 2023. The common thread of the latest trends? Living at home at its best in every way.

1) Organic materials

Organic materials, such as wood or stone (the more local and natural, the better!), will continue to be widely used in 2023.
Contact with nature helps improve our well-being and health, helps relieve stress and positively affects our mood, and improves our cognitive and creative abilities, making us feel better. This is exactly what one looks for when choosing organic materials, which also help convey warmth and promote the feeling of being in a much cozier home.

2) Biophilia

One of the trends that is becoming increasingly popular is biophilic design, which leads to a better quality of life inside (and outside) environments.

Biophilic design is the new frontier of green design but emphasizes people’s psycho-physical well-being. The goal is to (re)create a strong link between urban space and nature, making our living environment greener through the osmosis between design, architecture, and natural elements, a symbol of vitality par excellence. In fact, biophilia is, first and foremost “love of life,” as the etymology of the word suggests.

3) The Return of the 1970S

Next year we will likely see a return of the 70s furniture and design.
Thus, green light to reflections and brightness, geometrically designed furniture, mirrors, use of steel, glossy and metallic paints, reflective surfaces, coatings such as jabelga (lime to which marble powder has been added) or tadelakt with cement effect, glossy and waterproof.

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4) Minimalism

The minimalist style focuses on simplicity, purity and functionality. Since Covid 19, most homes have also become the main workplace, and this has led to the need for an increasingly functional domestic space that combines the convenience of life with the practicality of work. Therefore, minimalist-style furniture has become very popular over the past 2 years and has established itself as a trendy style for 2023.

The key? Limit the elements to those that are essential and useful, but at the same time add value and design to the environment. The goal is to create cozy atmospheres where one feels comfortable with some furniture and some eclectic elements, rich in personality and carefully chosen.

Palettes (And the Use of Organic Colors)

This season, on the catwalks of international fashion weeks, the colors that will set trends next year and that we will also find in the color palettes for the walls of 2023.

As with materials, diving into nature is the right solution to find a new balance, especially in this post-pandemic moment. After the lockdown, it was necessary to create and use relaxing and uplifting colors. The colors we now look for are inspired by the rhythms of nature, such as neutral but golden tones – similar to a banana pulp but with a touch of yellow and green – or hues inspired by the warm tones of the harvest in the fields, which seek to instill optimism and invite us to reconnect with nature.

These are complemented by organic colors, such as blue, green, and terracotta nuances: they will be a must, just like the bold trend.

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