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Types of Apartments For Renting

Cities are growing bigger day by day and are becoming much busier. Being part of this fascinating and fast-developing new era is inevitable! This makes having a proper and secure place to live crucial. When we choose an apartment to rent, we should ensure that it is within our budget, it has good security, it has a short commute to workplaces, and also that it has all the amenities required. For me, a small, quiet, and affordable place with good neighborhood is most welcomed! However, each person will have his or her own choice of apartment. What type of apartment do you think will be most suitable for you?

Studio Apartments


A studio apartment is a single room. This type of apartment is usually a multi-purpose space with the combination of a bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. It is small though efficient and often the most affordable of all apartment types. Since I am single, I feel that a studio apartment might be the best option for me!

Micro Apartments


Micro apartments are single rooms that are usually less than 350 feet. They are sometimes smaller than a studio and they consist of a sitting area, bed, bathroom, and kitchen. I believe that these types of apartments are convenient for people living in areas with high costs of living.

Alcove Apartments


An alcove apartment is a larger-sized studio apartment with an ‘L’ partition that separates the main living space from the bedroom. This adds some privacy to the bedroom setup. An alcove apartment is advantageous if you have a roommate, spouse, or partner renting with you.

Basement Apartments


A basement apartment, also known as ‘garden apartments’, are intelligently-designed units in the basement of an apartment complex. It comes with its own entrance in most cases. The rent might be lower compared to other apartments. However, the disadvantages of living in a basement are the risk of pest infestation, increased noise from the tenants above, and the potential for security issues. According to me, it will be unlucky for us not to be able to make use of daylight from the sun while living in a basement apartment!

Loft Apartments


A loft apartment is usually a large room with moderate to very high ceilings. Loft apartments are common in commercial buildings that have been renovated and converted into residential apartments. They might have quite high rent prices.

Duplex and Triplex Apartments


Duplex apartments consist of two units of living space either side by side or stacked on top of each other. Triplexes are three-level units. In comparison to other apartment types, duplexes and triplexes offer a lot of benefits and usually keep the bedrooms separate from the living room. In the cities, these apartments might be the best choice for people who have kids or many family members.


co op

A Co-op or cooperative housing is a type of apartment that a person buys to become a partial owner of the entire piece of property. The partial owner will then have the right to live on the premises of the apartment but will have to shoulder some financial responsibilities, for example, mortgage payments or maintenance costs.

High-rise, Mid-rise and Low-rise

high rise

A low-rise refers to an apartment in a building with 1 to 4 floors. A mid-rise is a unit in a building with 5 to11 floors, often with a common elevator. As you probably have guessed, anything larger than the latter is considered a high-rise. High-rise apartments are far more better in design, offering amenities and space that mid-rise and low-rise units cannot. Many luxury apartment rentals are found in mid-rise and high-rise buildings.

Railroad apartment


A Railroad apartment is very common in many cities across Canada and the US. They have a straight floor plan. Length-wise, you have three or four connected rooms and sometimes in an open-concept design. It might be a good option for saving money and also for living in an open and personalized space of your own!

Walk-up Apartment


It is an apartment located in a building that is accessible by stairs only. Buildings with this type of apartment are usually smaller and have fewer tenants. Walk-up apartments can be more affordable, but they may be seen as less desirable since they do not have elevators.

Officetel apartment


Officetel is a modern type of multi-purpose apartment that can be used as a house, hotel, or an office. Being more common in Asian countries, it is designed in a way that every angle in its space is taken into consideration and is also fully equipped with bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and basic furniture for working. Moreover, for technology-lovers, smart interior design makes it easy to transform a living room into a bedroom, a sofa into a bed, a desk into a dining table through smart sliding walls, smart beds, or smart tables. It is most convenient for owners of small businesses or people who require creativity, focus, and comfort in their work. The value of an officetel apartment is usually lower than that of a regular apartment.



Penthouse apartments began to appear and bloom in Vietnam in 2010. They are usually located on the top floor of buildings. They consist of a large balcony from which beautiful scenery can be seen. In addition, the bedroom and living room are the same as in normal apartments. Some Penthouse apartments also come with a swimming pool and a garden. The entire interior of the penthouse is designed in a luxurious and sophisticated style and tends to be lavish. They are sold at very high prices.

If you have lived in similar apartments or you are currently searching for the latter to rent, then the information given above will be of great use to you! Please let us know your views on any type of apartment that you know about or have experienced and do not forget to share your comments below!

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