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5 Effective Ways To Market Real Estate To Seniors

Life expectancy is increasing daily thanks to medical advancements. That’s why we are finding more and more seniors buying and selling houses. It is important for agents to explore each category of client that they may encounter to do their job well. They should be able to cater to the needs of seniors as they do for their younger clients. As every transaction needs a strategy, there should be a strategy for senior clients. Let’s discover the five most effective ways to market real estate to seniors…

Five Effective Ways To Market Real Estate To Seniors
Five Effective Ways To Market Real Estate To Seniors

Be Honest

Compared to millennials or younger generations, seniors normally do not like flashy or glowing promises. They like being told the truth and usually want to have the facts straight away. That’s why it is important that you need to have the answers to every question before working with seniors clients. Do not try to get into that without all the answers, as they will have a lot of questions.

If they are looking to buy, have different houses with pros and cons that you can show them and explain each one’s advantages and disadvantages. Do not focus solely on the house; you must know the surroundings; as you sell to seniors, the house must cater to their needs the most possible.

Look for houses that are not isolated; favor houses that have houses, hospitals, and other facilities in proximity. Be prepared to answer every one of their requests; you may want to talk to other agents more used to senior clients. They may help you in the process.


You must know your worth. This is very important and, I think it applies to every category of client that you will encounter. Even if seniors do not like to hear glowing promises, you need to have your success stories ready; reviews and references are essential. Keep yourself updated; there is valuable news that you may need to know which can be very helpful to your clients. Show them that you care about their well-being, about them being in the best house.

Talk Their Language

Days have changed; most seniors are very aware of new technologies, and if they are not, please be sensitive and offer them different options to stay up-to-date with the process. However, the time has changed, and most seniors do not like to be referred to as elderly. Most of them are very aware of their health and appearance, and they take great care of themselves.

As every senior has important concerns they want to clear, you should give them what they need in terms of resources and information. They will want to be understood in every aspect if they want a bigger house or not or going for a luxury apartment. You should put yourself in their place, figure out how they feel, and think about giving them the best.

Stay Connected

Five Effective Ways To Market Real Estate To Seniors
Five Effective Ways To Market Real Estate To Seniors

Compared to marketing to the younger generation, who are very tech-savvy, marketing to seniors can differ. You should limit social media marketing to seniors and favor phone calls or normal messaging. Provide them with a weekly call, as not every senior will check their mail.

You should always provide them with different channels and choose what they prefer. After the transaction, send them a housewarming gift (this applies to each client).

Be Sensitive

Each client you will encounter during your career has its own story, and you should be ready to adapt to each of them. If you are helping them sell their house, they may feel sad and nostalgic, so rushing things brutally won’t help them.

You may help them by giving them the appropriate contact for garage sales or other services.

Working with seniors may require more effort, as they will rely on you for everything, while younger clients may carry out their research. In the comments, let us know how you feel working with seniors clients…

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