What to Consider When Buying a Second Hand Home

The acquisition of a house or a property is a decision that should not be taken lightly, that’s why in today’s article, we are specialized in giving you the best advice when making an investment of this type.

Among all the possibilities offered by the world of real estate, the acquisition of a second-hand property becomes a very interesting alternative, due to the space in which it is located, its value and the financing possibilities.

Why Choose a Second-Hand Home?

Acquiring a second-hand property has many advantages, the first of which is the immediate availability of these, as well as the existence of a wide offer. These properties, unlike a new home, are located in urbanized areas with excellent locations; the time of use of the property also varies greatly, there are old properties to some with barely a year of use.

Defining the Financing Method for the Purchase of Your Used Property

Before you begin the search for your dream home or property, you need to be clear on the financing path to acquire it. Remember that before acquiring a second-hand property, you must have the initial costs, either through your own resources or through a mortgage, where up to 70% of the investment is financed.

Conduct a Safe Search

At this point, you may be wondering how to search for a second-hand property safely? For this, there are specialized platforms, which, with the help of experts, can guide you in choosing the property that meets your needs. Another way is to contact an experienced and recognized real estate agency that can help and advise you in your search.

Compare and Visit the Second-Hand Properties That Appeal to You the Most

Searching for a property leads to making the necessary visits until you connect with the place you want for yourself, therefore, the recommendation is to consider several options, compare their advantages and disadvantages, as well as visit them personally. Seeing the place, the finishes, the space and the area where it is located is essential in order to make the purchase.

Ask the Right Questions to Avoid Doubts

Before buying a property, you must be sure and resolve all doubts, that’s why we invite you to ask a series of questions to the seller, before making a decision. Below, we give you a list of the most important questions to ask when buying a second hand property.

  • How long has this house or property been built?
  • Why is the property being sold?
  • What are the imperfections of the property?
  • Is the property mortgaged or do you have any outstanding debts?
  • What is the environment of the area and the relationship between the neighbors like?
  • Is the neighborhood safe?
  • What details do I need to know or consider that I think are important about the property and the area?


Verify the Truthfulness of the Information about the Property Used

There are several ways to verify that the information you are given about the property is true, one of them is to know the history of the property, through the certificate of freedom and tradition, this document can be requested from the seller or from the public instruments registry office with the registration number of the house.

So what are your thoughts on those tips? Do you have a better idea of what you should consider when buying a second-hand property? Do you have any other useful suggestions that are not included in our article? We would love to read them! So share them with us by leaving a comment in the section below.

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