Why Should You Invest in New Real Estate in Marseille
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Why Should You Invest in New Real Estate in Marseille?

Why Should You Invest in New Real Estate in Marseille?

Real estate is a sector that is on the rise. This is especially true in cities like Marseille. This French region offers many advantages to investors who wish to purchase new real estate. What are the reasons why you should invest in new real estate in Marseille? Find out in this article.

To enjoy the sun and sea

Marseille is a city with a lovely climate that is hard to resist. The atmosphere here is unique. It is also a metropolis with heavenly coves. It is a destination that attracts because of the charm of the Provencal hinterland. In order to preserve its assets, the city takes the initiative to protect its environment by all means. This earned it the Grand Prix of Ecological Engineering in 2014. In that year, it was nominated in the category of marine ecosystems.

Marseille is firmly committed to the fight against global warming. This is why it has developed two sustainable agglomeration projects. Marseille is, therefore, a French ecological region. This is one of the reasons why many investors do not hesitate to acquire new properties there. If you are interested in a new program in Marseille, do not hesitate to take the necessary steps.

To enjoy the attractive prices of the new property market

Why Should You Invest in New Real Estate in Marseille

The Marseille market offers properties at desirable prices. The prices of new infrastructures in this region defy all competition. Such a real estate market provides very accessible properties. For example, studies have shown that compared to the major cities on the Côte d’Azur, the price per square meter in Marseille is 40% less expensive.

To benefit from the city’s tourist potential

Marseille is perceived as a cosmopolitan city since it attracts many tourists. Tourists enjoy strolling through its picturesque towns and contemplating the sea. They take a position at Notre Dame De La Garde to do this. Marseille has an extensive architectural heritage, as it holds the Fort Saint-Jean as well as the Château d’If.

Big national and international lines serve the metropolis, a few hours from Paris and Lyon. Thanks to its airport, it is possible for European and Mediterranean tourists to get there very quickly.

Marseille is a city of sports and culture

Investing in new real estate in Marseille is interesting because of its culture and sporting side. In 2013, such an agglomeration was named the European capital of culture and sport. This city has therefore been able to highlight its cultural wealth, which continues to this day. Concerts, shows, and museum exhibitions are perfect examples of this.

In short, investing in new real estate in Marseille is interesting for several reasons, as seen above. First of all, it is a city with a dream climate. In addition, the new infrastructure in this region is less expensive.

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