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Seaside Real Estate: Yes Or No?

A growing number of real estate investors are consciously choosing a second home. In many cases, this is not only for the financial payback but also for recreation and family time. In particular, there is a growing interest in flats by the sea. But what is the interest in investing in seaside real estate?

In 2019, the number of coastal real estate transactions peaked with a 6.9% increase over the previous year. This trend continued during the Corona crisis. Therefore, it can be said that people have recently rediscovered the value of second homes by the sea.

What would you say about beach houses? Would you wholeheartedly say yes or no? We have listed the pros and cons for you to have a better idea!

For many people, the coast is the best place to go on vacation in their home country. Thus, investing in a property on the coast has countless advantages:

  • You can stay all year round. Summer or winter, the sea is always a pleasant place to relax. Especially if the house or flat is furnished to your liking and already has everything you need (kitchen, bedding, etc.), you do not have to bring them with you every time you go on holiday.


  • You can earn rental income when you are not there, from your own circle of people or from others through platforms such as Airbnb. That way, your investment will pay off. Talk about financial return!


  • Easy access for friends and family. Easily invite them over for a barbecue or a fun afternoon at the beach. After all, travel time is short, public transportation is inexpensive, and there is plenty to do for young and old alike.


  • A beach house is a great way to improve your health! Fresh air, sand between your toes, salt water, and relaxing nature are just what you need to stay healthy. The ocean makes you Zen. If you want to escape the stresses and disappointments of your daily life, a leisurely walk on the beach is a great way to do so. After breathing in the fresh ocean air and playing in the sand, you can relax in a way that many yogis envy.


  • With a beach house, you can sleep well at night. Remember when you were a kid, lying in the back seat after playing in the ocean? The sea breeze got the best of you. It’s even better if you have young children, there’s no doubt that they will enjoy living there- Daily sand play, beachcombing after a storm, the ocean like a swimming pool, they will be living the dream life!

Beach Enclave Long Bay Announces Debut of All-New Beach Houses | TravelPulse



  • Sand and salt rubbing the house’s fittings mean wear and tear. A beach house requires more maintenance than an inland house.


  • The ocean has many lovers, which is also a disadvantage, because you are not the only one who wants to enjoy the beach. It gets crowded in the summer and on weekends, and you may have to make extra trips to find a parking space or suddenly find yourself stuck in traffic.


  • Just because you live by the beach doesn’t mean you have a view of the ocean. A house with a view of the ocean will be more expensive than a house far from the main street.

The Club at Beach Enclave Long Bay | Beach Enclave


There are advantages and disadvantages to a seaside home. If you want to feel the sand between your toes day in and day out, you can trade-in your current lifestyle for a relaxing coastal lifestyle. However, it’s always nice to book a weekend bag or a local hotel for those who want to continue living in their current home or those who cannot afford it.

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