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Faith-Driven Investors: Why Invest in Christian Real Estate?

Despite some ups and downs –especially the “downs” of the last two years – real estate continues to be the preferred investment choice for individuals who want to generate long-term returns. It is a very big sector and anyone could predict that it will be growing more in the future. Generally, with real estate, you only need to put 20 to 30 % down and a bank can finance the rest. While with other investments, you need to put 100 % down which ties up 75- 80 % of your investable cash.

This kinds of sum up the theory and the reason which pushes people to invest in real estate. I will be the first to admit that I was pushed towards this market. I started investing with my very first salaries. I know it might sound odd to those who think that real estate can leave you with nothing – zero – zip – nada – but I’m sorry, I don’t belong to that school of thought. I had full faith in the power of investing in this market. Focusing on rental properties, for example, has helped me in becoming a real estate investor. It helped me to become an expert in the operation of the business of property management. Now, I have the perfect idea of what the market is like and how to be and buy smart in this market.

But, that was about me and my story. This philosophy made sense to me. But, let me also be the first to confess that real estate has its downsides too. I have seen most folks make some pretty bad decisions and a lack of knowledge can cost you a fortune. However, if you filter out all the odds and dark sides, I guess real estate can make anyone rich in no time.

I think you’ve got the picture of investing in real estate, but what if you are a Christian investor?

The question of whether you should invest in Christian real estate or not can only be answered by you and you alone. And, this article should ideally be read in that spirit.

Faith-Forward Investors

Faith-Forward InvestorsAs believers and followers of Christ, we are constantly called to walk and work in faith. We always try to overcome difficulties and stand firm in our beliefs. If you have a specific field you are passionate about, how about merging your faith with it?

Many Christians believe that the intersection of money and faith can be very complicated. To some extent, I do agree with them. However, today the Christian real estate market has made it possible to invest by tenets of your faith. It will neither be risky nor less profitable.

Faith-Forward Investors

Investing your money as per God’s principles and Biblical scriptures doesn’t mean you’ll be designing a less profitable plan for yourself. In Proverbs 13: 22, we read, “a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.”

We know that God is the Creator of everything and we are His children. We know His character of mercy, love, holy and power in the restoration of life. And, through faith, we are called to join Him as He brings about His kingdom on earth and His perfection and holiness in us. Through our faith, we wait on His promises; promises of victory; promises of prosperity; and, promises of happiness.

Over the years, several Christian realtors have realized how their businesses can flourish if they incorporate their Christian beliefs. As real estate people, they recognize the unique challenges of that market, but as faith-driven investors, they realize God’s purpose and calling. They understand God’s power and are able to experience the fullness of His glory.

These strategies of investing in a biblically-responsible fashion have even attracted investors from different beliefs.


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