Common Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Patio (Part Two)

The arrival of the nice weather allows us to spend more time outside the house. The freshness is much more appreciated with personalized decorations of which we are proud. Simple and effective details that multiply the pleasure of being outdoors. Patio, garden, porch or terrace…, in summer these spaces are dressed up. We generally equip them with outdoor resources: furniture, lanterns, garlands… The objective is to create spaces for relaxation, rest and leisure, such as, for example, a garden dining room, a rest room, a space for slow relaxation, a corner for napping, etc. It may seem very easy, yet many make certain basic errors when decorating their patio. But don’t worry! We have everything you need. This article is the second part of common mistakes to avoid when decorating your patio. If you haven’t already checked out part one, you can do so here.

Not Paying Attention to Lighting

If you plan to use an outdoor space for spring or summer afternoons, you need to decorate it with sufficient lighting. When the sun goes down, you need to be able to light up the entire space so that you and everyone in your family can use them comfortably.

On the market, there are countless lighting solutions for outdoor spaces, such as solar lights, string lights, hanging lights, wall sconces and classic ceiling lights. If you want to save a little money, you can opt for a series of solar lights that charge during the day and generate a beautiful ambient light at sunset. Similarly, you can opt for low-power bulbs such as LEDS.


The outdoor space should be easily accessible. In other words, you shouldn’t have to walk far or cross awkwardly from one point to another to access it.

For this reason, many homeowners create an outdoor space on their deck. You can create this space in an area further away from your home, but it is recommended that you use pavers or stones to form a pathway to it.

Using Fabrics and Materials Not Suitable for Outdoor Use

It is often overlooked that the fabrics and materials chosen for furniture, cushions and other accessories, etc., are suitable for the outdoors.

Sometimes superior quality is sacrificed for a lower price, a “saving” that in the long run can be very costly – literally. And that’s because, if the furniture is not adapted to withstand the sun or the typical humidity of the outdoors, it will hardly last the season. Its colors are likely to be dull in the fall and its materials worn out, if not broken, forcing them to be replaced the following year, resulting in a double expense.

The ease of cleaning the fabric is another variable that is rarely taken into account. Yet, outdoor furniture is exposed to constant friction, especially if it is part of a neighborhood patio. Hence the importance of effortless stain removal.

Misusing Color

Color design mistakes occur when too few colors are used or mixed in the wrong way.

Much of the garden furniture usually comes with cushions in neutral tones, such as white, beige or gray. Neutral colors provide an elegant and subtle background to play with next, placing the odd cushion or accessory in bright colors to generate contrast.

Avoid making your deck look too bland due to the low use of color, and likewise, avoid using too much color.

Use bright colors without worrying, but don’t forget to complement them with neutral colors to get a lively, vibrant and at the same time cozy effect.

Some Color Suggestions:

Primary colors: As a reminder, the primary colors are red, blue and yellow. They can work externally by allowing one color to play a dominant role while the others are used more sparingly.

Earth tones: brown, tan and gray. They can be used to increase the intensity with a cushion and orange ceramic.

Analogues: Three colors that are close together on the color wheel, such as yellow, yellow-orange and orange.

You now know all the common mistakes to avoid when decorating your patio. Do you have some tips? Share them in the comments below.



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