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The Best Home Upgrades

Home upgrades aren’t all created equal. Making the most profitable modifications is crucial if you’re planning to sell or rent your house. This does not imply jumping right into the most expensive and lavish construction projects, nor does it imply spending the bare minimum on a lick of paint in the hopes of skyrocketing the value of your home.

It’s crucial to assess the expense of the development relative to what you’ll get out of it, whether the return on investment (ROI) is in terms of actual monetary worth or how much fun you’ll get out of the residence.

Home upgrades, renovation
Home upgrades, renovation

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations are popular home improvements since they’re cost-effective and pay off in the long run, especially if you’re replacing obsolete appliances that are potentially wasting money. A modest kitchen renovation, such as replacing cabinet doors, may only contribute 2% to 3% to the worth of your property because it is considered decoration, but a complete remodel with new appliances, tiling, and worktops might add up to 10% to the value of your home.

Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom remodels a common home upgrade that may add up to 4% to the value of your property and provide a 67 percent return on investment, especially if your furniture is old and out of date or damaged in some manner. On the other hand, bathroom remodels are particularly popular in vacation rentals, adding up to 11% to the rental value thanks to customers yearning for spa-like experiences.


Conservatory extensions to homes are a popular home improvement because they provide exceptional value for money. Conservatories purchased “off the shelf” usually come as part of a package deal (which can vary greatly) and can add a significant amount of living space to a home for a reasonable price.

While installing a conservatory is a good home upgrade for individuals looking to live in or sell their property soon, the additional living area is not as desirable as sleeping space for holiday homeowners. This drops it to the bottom of the list regarding holiday home rental value, adding only 4% to your possible rental rate.

Smart Home Tech

You’ll need to decide which technology will stay and which will go with you when selling your home. Smart house technology such as smart lighting, heating, and security, which was once considered futuristic, is now a desirable home feature. This type of technology is sometimes somewhat costly at first, including installation expenses, which are expected to be over £10,000 in this case. Still, it may be worthwhile in the long run, especially for vacation homes that can provide luxury features to visitors and cost up to 10% more. While this might increase the worth of your home by up to £15,000, it could also lead it to lose value if you remove the tech and leave new owners to source their own.

Home upgrades, renovation
Home upgrades, renovation


Many people don’t consider landscaping your garden and getting your outside areas up to scratch when selling their house. Still, gardens are in high demand right now, and those that require minimal maintenance will improve the value of your home by up to 3%. The return on this varies depending on how much you spend on the work, both financially and in terms of time – many people believe it is worthwhile to spend their time and effort in the garden because it often just entails some grafting outside. Still, if you spend around £5,000, you can expect good returns of around 50%.

Property seldom sells for its full market worth, and there are a variety of expenditures to consider when selling your home, including estate agency fees, surveys, and more. It’s also crucial to match the cost of your modifications to the cost of your house — investing a lot of money on a home that’s worth less than the average home value is unlikely to provide positive results. Remember, higher value does not necessarily equal increased return, and even a good ROI does not always equal profit.

Let us know in the comments, what home upgrades do you found more profitable?



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