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Investing In Brittany’s Real Estate In 2022

Brittany is the best choice for real estate investment. It has many attractive places covered with impressive natural landscapes. The region is also very rich in both historical and cultural heritage. Rennes, its largest city, offers a wide range of choices for students when it comes to universities. Since 2020, the region has been one of the most interesting regions in France to invest in real estate. Indeed, real estate has many markets, which allows investors to choose. Focus on the details.

Real estate in Brittany


It is really interesting to make a real estate investment in Brittany. First of all, various reduction or even tax exemption schemes are available, whether new or old. Among these schemes is the Denormandie law, which is valid in several cities like Rennes, Brest, Lorient, Vannes, Saint-Malo, Quimper, etc.

There is also the Pinel law, a tax reduction on the acquisition of a new or old rental property with work. In addition, since the arrival of the High-Speed Line ( LGV ) in 2017, the region’s capital has experienced a considerable development of the real estate market. This has allowed reaching Paris from Rennes in only one and a half hours. As a result, a price increase on the market has been noted. For example, in 2020, the price increased by 12%.

However, this has not limited the increase in the number of potential buyers, so the multiplicity of demand rather characterizes the market. Expect to pay 3,170 dollars per square meter for an apartment in the city of Rennes. In short, Brittany is experiencing a very dynamic real estate investment, especially in the capital.

The advantages of investing in real estate in Brittany


Brittany is a better choice to invest in real estate. It is located in the western part of France and consists of 4 major departments where it is good to invest, including Finistère, Côtes-d’Armor, Morbihan, and Ille-et-Vilaine. The region has a population of approximately 3.3 million, a very dynamic population.

Apart from that, Brittany offers a very gentle way of life within its breathtakingly picturesque landscapes. It also allows many buyers to prove their potential in the field. In addition, it is possible to benefit from the tax reduction scheme anywhere in the region. However, note that the Pinel law is not available in the B2 region.

The choice of the city


Choosing the right city to invest in is also essential. But in Brittany, each city offers particular advantages.


When you choose to invest in Rennes, you benefit from the modernity in the capital of Brittany. In 2020, Rennes will be among the most attractive cities in France. The city is home to several universities, which attracts many students from around the world. For rental investment, in Rennes, the price of real estate continues to rise, i.e., the price has increased by about 9.9% for apartments and 15.5% for houses. Therefore, Rennes is an excellent choice when it comes to rental property investment.


The city of Brest is located in the westernmost part of France, in the department of Finistère. It is a French tourist city. It is home to the second-largest military port in France, after Toulon. It is also the second city, after Rennes, with a large number of inhabitants. Real estate investment in Brest is accessible to all. It costs about 1,430 dollars per square meter for an apartment, and for a house, it costs 1,650 dollars per square meter. However, the real estate market in Brest is not very active compared to that of Rennes.

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