3 Important Things You Need To Know About Having An Apartment In New York
3 Important Things You Need To Know About Having An Apartment In New York

3 Important Things You Need To Know About Having An Apartment In New York

New York is the most fantastic city on Earth; I might be biased because I grew up in the Bronx and currently living in Manhattan. But New York is the best city globally because it is the breeding ground for culture and new trends. If you don’t like noise and are surrounded by people, don’t move to this city.

Nowhere in the world will you live in a city with so many billionaires per capita, but this is seen in stark contrast to the approximately 60 000 people who are currently unhoused and sleep on the street. However, this city isn’t made for everybody, and these are the 5 things you should know about owning an apartment here.

1. Neighborhood


Where you live in New York says a lot about you but also before you move anywhere you need to sus the location properly. To do this, you recommend a short-term rental, which allows you to get an insight into a specific neighborhood by living in it for a month or two.

Short-term rentals are great to get to know a neighborhood in-depth because you can’t learn everything about a neighborhood with a quick google check. This will allow you to know how long your walk to and from the subway station really is and how close other amenities are.

It is New York, so that you will walk a lot, and this is why you recommend you live at least 2 to 3 blocks near your workplace, as this can mean you can jog there. Also, look at the bodegas; a good bodega can make or break your living experience; most of my apartments have been near good bodegas because this means that I can have quick and cheap meals on the go.

2. Brokers


If you are hiring a broker in New York, you ought to know the fees for their services. You are usually going to broker’s pay of 5 to 6%, and these fees are usually baked into the seller’s asking price. You need to be conscious of this, especially if you are a first-time buyer in this city.

Even if you are renting a place, you’ll have to pay a broker’s fee, and they can be really steep. Trust me, and I know when I’m saying it can be really steep. They can charge you up to 15% of your annual rent as their fees, which can cost you a pretty sum of money if you rent an apartment in Manhattan.

3. Checkbook


If you are thinking about owning an apartment in New York, then you might want to have a lot of money on hand. This would usually be in the form of bank-certified checks, as you’ll need to pay the broker’s fee, a security deposit (which is worth 1 month’s rent), and the first month of rent upfront before you can even sign the lease.

This means that you should have about 3 months of rent worth of money that is lying around that you can use to pay for all of these. If you don’t have enough money to do so, is to find a roommate with whom you will be able to split the cost.

Final Thoughts


Life in New York is nothing like Milwaukee or any other same town. The big apple is a world of its own, and you need to live here to know what this truly means. If you want to give the city a try, then you have to accept the difference that makes this city what it is. A melting pot of culture where people from all walks of life meet and co-exist.

As someone who grew up in this city, I was raised to love it; I can’t sleep without noise, and for some people, that’s weird, but for me, the city’s noise is comforting and reminds me of home. Give New York city a chance because, in my books, there are no cities that can compare to it, and I’ve traveled a lot in my life.

This city isn’t for anyone; if you don’t like people constantly being next to you or hate loud noises, then this city isn’t for you. For me, this is the city where dreams can become a reality. New York built me, and I wouldn’t be who I am today without it. This is why I will never leave this city; it is my home and will always be.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us if you want to live in New York.


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