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Things You Should Know Before Moving to New York City

New York is the greatest city on Earth, and I might be biased when I’m saying this because I grew up here and grew up in the Bronx and currently living in Manhattan. New York is the best city in the world and is the breeding ground for culture and new trends. If you don’t like noise and are surrounded by people, don’t move to this city.

Nowhere in the world will you live in a city with so many billionaires per capita, but this is seen in stark comparison to the approximately 60 000 people who are currently unhoused and sleep on the street. However, this city isn’t made for everybody, and there are things you need t know before you move to this city.

1. You will walk everywhere

New York

If you have a car and think about bringing it with you when you move, do yourself a favor and don’t do it. Traffic is like the 7th circle of health in this city, and your car will most likely be parked year-round, and you will rarely use it. Who needs a car when their subway is here? The subway is the heart and soul of the city, and trust us on this one, the faster you learn how to use it, the faster you’ll adapt to the city.

If you are moving to the city, then invest in a couple of good walking shoes because you will walk to and from everywhere in the city. A real New York will walk a couple of miles every day to get to and from work and to go to your local grocery store and bodega. However, you won’t feel the strain of walking so much because the city is busting with life and you’ll soon see that everyone be they rich or poor, will walk everywhere. If you can’t walk, then the subway is your best bet because cars are more of a hassle than a luxury.

2. It is more than just stereotypes

New York

You can get pizza for a dollar (well, $1.50 now) and yet pay upwards of $3000 a month for rent. It is a hub for many industries, and you will thrive in this city; and there is a place for everyone here, even if we are known to be direct or rude. 8.6 million people live in this city, and it might be overwhelming if you are coming from a small city. You will also see people from all walks of life, and if you have a traditional 9 to 5 job, you might see a drag queen going home while you are going to work.

Some of the stereotypes about us are true; we are fast walkers because this is a busy city, ruthlessly ambitious and some of us are rude. But, there is also more to New Yorkers than that. If you are an immigrant, then you ought to know that half of the people who live in this city weren’t born here, and it is a true melting pot. You will interact with people from all around the world here, and you’ll either love or hate it. One thing I can guarantee you is that if you ask a New York for help, they will help you even if they do so reluctantly because we have a tough exterior and a squishy interior.

3. You’ll love to hate the subway

New York

At the moment, the subway is facing a bit of a crisis, and you sometimes know when you don’t have enough money or are broke, then you don’t pay your metro fair and you find an alternative to get into the metro, and you’ll find that most of us do this. You will be stuck in a subway the first week or month in the city, and this is typical.

Don’t be scared if you see a rat or two in the subway and if you find any empty train (then it is empty for a reason) because trains are never empty, and someone has most likely puked or defecated on that specific train. However, you get used to it, and you’ll love the subway because you’ll see the city’s craziness in there. It is the lifeblood of the city and runs 24 hours a day, and is the best place to people-watch.

Public transport is a hit or miss, and apart from the subway, you also get buses that have stops at every borough, or you can even bike through the city if you want. Also, you might be a little wary of the subway the first couple of times you take it because people are pretty wild down there.

You’ll see anything from drag performers, people in period dress, naked people, and people who are blacked out drunk. If you want to see more peculiarities on the subway, then visit the page Subway creatures on Instagram. Having said this, it is not easy to get around the city because traffic is literal hell here.

I don’t see myself moving outside of this city anytime soon because this is my home, and as a queer person, this city made me who I am, and my chosen family is here. New York is a beautiful city to live in, especially if you love a challenge and thrive in chaos. You will meet people from all parts of the world in this city and for me this is what makes this city so great. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us the city you want to live in.

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