The Most Sustainable Buildings Around the World (part 2). 

Sustainable buildings are the future of the construction world, and more and more buildings and skyscrapers are jumping on this trend. We only have one Earth, and we need to take care of it; and by developing and building more sustainable buildings, we are taking steps to diminish our carbon footprint and fight global warming. So welcome back to our second list of the most sustainable buildings you can see worldwide. Let’s talk about another virtual tour to visit these buildings, and who knows, many after Covid-19 is a thing of the past; maybe you can visit them in person.

1. Eastgate Center (Zimbabwe, Harare)

Eastgate Center

This is one of the most fascinating buildings on our list because it is one of the few structures that mimic animal habitats, and this is called biomimicry. Biomimicry is the concept of studying structures in the natural world, learning from them, and integrating them into actual man-made structures. Eastgate Center is inspired by termite nest, and this Eco-friendly building is based on actual termite layers and their design. Though summer can be sweltering in Zimbabwe, with temperatures reaching 40°c, this building functions without any conventional form of cooling system. The building was constructed to allow natural airflow that naturally cools it down, and fans are meticulously placed in appropriate areas to allow proper ventilation. It is one of the greatest and most eco-friendly buildings on the African continent.

2. Bosco Vericale (Italy, Milan)

Bosco Verticale

Translated as the Vertical Forest in English, this tower is one of the most iconic green buildings in the world. It hails at 111 meters in height, and the exterior of this majestic structure is made up of more than 20 000 trees and perennial plants. Not only is it a visibly green building, but it was also designed to be self-sufficient in terms of energy with its solar panels. The building also had a water flirtation system that irrigates the plans and keeps them green and healthy. This building could be the future of what modern and sustainable apartments could look like in the world, or we could only dream they will be.

3. Museum of Tomorrow (Brazil, Rio de Janeiro)


This white behemoth structure is a sight for sire eyes and is one of the buildings I actually want to visit in person. This science museum was designed by Santiago Calatrava, a Spanish neo-futuristic architect, and we can see this in the design of this building. It really looks like a futuristic building and is located next to Pier Maua’s waterfront. This sustainable megastructure attracts approximately 780 000 thousand visitors each year. With solar panels integrated into its design, which optimizes solar energy capture, the developers claim that the Museum of Tomorrow uses 40% more energy than traditional buildings. It also uses an innovative cooling technology that uses water from deep within the ocean found nearby, which is pumped through the building to cool it down.

4. Bahrain World Trade Center (Bahrain, Manama)


The Middle East has been popping out with its skyscrapers recently, from the Burj Khalifa, which is currently the world’s tallest building, to the Bahrain World Trade Center. It is a futurist building that is 787 feet in height and is one of the tallest sustainable structures around the world. It was built and positioned to allow the natural wind to power the buildings’ three giant wind turbines positioned between the towers. It opened in 2008 and was one of the first buildings in the world to incorporate wind turbines in its design in a functional manner. These turbines generate renewable energy that powers up the buildings and supplies around 15% of the buildings’ energy needs.

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