Real Estate: 7 Tips to Live a More Eco-Friendly Life in Your New Apartment

As climate change and environmental issues continue to be hot topics around the world, more and more people are trying to do their part at home. If you’ve just bought an apartment, the following tips will help you to live a more sustainable life in your new home!


  1. Eliminate Single-Use Items

Eliminating single-use items is a great tip for greening your home. Start by getting rid of single-use plastics, such as straws, bottles and even plastic feminine hygiene products. Try replacing the plastics commonly found in your home with reusable alternatives.

For example, you can use glass bottles for hand soap or detergent and recycled canning jars for dry goods and spices. We also suggest replacing a plastic toothbrush with a bamboo toothbrush and replacing plastic packaging with beeswax packaging.

  1. Avoid Synthetic Materials

Another habit for going green at home is to use organic and natural materials in your bedding and textiles, as well as clay, wood and metal in your furniture and decor. It’s not only better for the environment, but also more aesthetically pleasing. And, of course, it’s good for your health; you wouldn’t want to sleep on plastic.

  1. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Instead of bringing toxic chemicals into your home, make your own cleaning products from organic household items, like white vinegar. This is used to clean floors, melamine furniture and any other type of surface.

Try it and you’ll see that your apartment will be clean as usual. You can also use ecological detergent strips that dissolve in the washing machine.

  1. Incorporate Plants

Indoor plants not only look great and refresh your space, but they also improve air quality. For example, according to a clean air study conducted by NASA, Sansevieria is one of the best air-purifying plants. In addition to being super hardy and easy to care for, it can go anywhere in the house because it doesn’t require much light.

Also, we recommend growing some fresh herbs in pots in the kitchen to be a source of inspiration when cooking. Don’t forget to place them near a window so they always get sunlight.

  1. Unplug Appliances You Are Not Using

Turn off lights and unplug appliances that are not in use. You don’t have to unplug everything, but if there are appliances you don’t use often or if you’re going on vacation, turn off the appliances that use power. A power strip makes this task easier! You can plug in multiple devices and unplug them all at once by turning them off when not in use.


  1. Install a Water Filter

Get a water filter and a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water. A water filter can make your water taste even better. Plastic water bottles go into landfills and take a long time to break down. A reusable bottle is therefore a much more environmentally friendly option.

  1. Turn Organic Waste into Compost

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that food waste accounts for up to one-third of all waste. And if it’s not disposed of, it increases methane production in landfills, which is a major greenhouse gas.

So you could start turning organic waste into compost. A well-managed compost garbage can will not smell or attract insects. However, you can place it on your balcony or in a shaded area if you prefer. As an added benefit, you’ll have nutrient-rich humus, perfect for your plants.

Get a prefabricated composter. In the bottom, place woody materials such as thick branches and pine cones to facilitate air circulation. Then pile organic waste in layers, mixed with compost so that the garbage can is inoculated with microorganisms.

Here you go! You now know how to live a sustainable lifestyle in your new home. And if you are a real estate owner, you can even share those tips with your clients to help them become more green. Leave a comment below if we’ve missed anything.

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