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Top 5 Best Reasons To Buy A Home In Amsterdam

As someone who loves to travel, let me tell you that Amsterdam is all that you’ve heard of and so much more. It is the capital of the Netherlands and is one of the most unique and beautiful destinations in the world. My friends and I go there every other year because it is one of the most diverse and fun cities in the world.

My friends and I have a home there that we all co-own, and we sublet it for a while we are back home. The city is full of history and culture, and you feel so at home there, and this is why we decided to make the big move to buy a home there. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the reasons why you should buy a home in Amsterdam.

1. A bustling city


If you hate noise and love peaceful surroundings, then cities like Amsterdam, New York, and Bangkok might not be the place for you because they are bustling with life. It is one of the world’s cities that never sleep, and they aren’t capping on this one. Amsterdam is also known as having one of the best nightlife cultures in Europe.

I could bet a pretty buck if you got bored in this city, there is something for everyone here, and it is filled with endless entertainment activities. There is always something happening in the city, be it from canal-side concerts to pop-up flea markets and even big outdoor festivals. If you love going out, then this is the perfect city for you.

2. Quality of life

The Netherlands is known for its high quality of life, and Amsterdam is also up there. It is a known fact that Dutch people are ranked among some of the happiest citizens in the world, and this is for good reasons. In my book, they have a perfect personal and work-life balance, and they have access to a plethora of activities to distract them when they need it.

They are considered the happiest citizen of Mother Earth because they have a healthy work-life balance, safety, high life expectancy, and a good economy. Even in the last 2 years, when most of us were stressed out by school, college and work. The Netherlands still ranked fifth in the World Happiness Report 2021.

3. Looks and aesthetics


One thing most of us can’t deny when it comes to Amsterdam is its looks. In my humble opinion, it is out of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is aptly named the “Venice of the North,” and we couldn’t agree more with this title because Amsterdam is reminiscent of Venice with its own twist.

The city has dreamy waterways, beautiful houses (which we believe are worth investing in), and narrow streets. All of these create the perfect combination and create a unique charm and energy. It is known as one of the busiest cities in the world, but the more you roam its street, the more you see that it has small village vibes to it. In our book, this is what makes it cozy and familiar.

4. Community

As argued earlier, Amsterdam is a very diverse and inclusive city; this can be seen through its populace. The city is home to people of over 180 nationalities, and this means that you will most likely find someone that either looks or sounds like you there, and this gives us a hint of familiarity.

This European city is so diverse because people from different cultures and ethnicity mingle together every day. You will feel welcome there no matter your gender, sexuality, skin color, or nationality. Language barrier is also something that you shouldn’t be too wary about because most people are able to speak English fluently there.

5. Work opportunities


Amsterdam is also a bustling city for students and has one of the most competitive business environments in Europe. The city is home to a multitude of international corporations, from ING to Tesla and Booking. Because it is a very diverse place, many students decide to go there for higher studies.

It has a strong international character and provides its inhabitants with countless job opportunities for both English and non-English speakers. The city is also home to one of the top 60 universities in the world, the renowned University of Amsterdam. Other notable universities that you might want to look into are Amsterdam University of the Arts, Amsterdam University of Applied science, and Vrije Universiteit.

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