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6 Types of Shutters To Choose From For Your Home

Windows usually do not receive much attention from a decorative standpoint. However, there are many ideas to highlight this area. For example, shutters. So, today we will look at the different types and styles of shutters.

But… What exactly is a shutter? They are like small doors and are installed near outdoor windows. They are a fascinating tool. Shutters not only allow you to control the brightness and temperature of the rooms in your house, but they are also a unique decorative element.

Benefits of Shutters

Shutters are very common in warm climates. They are usually made of wood and act as insulation by shading the house’s interior from solar radiation. In this way, they provide shade inside the house, even on the sunniest days.

Furthermore, it not only protects the house from heat, but also provides soundproofing. This characteristic makes it ideal for noisy areas.

Finally, we must not forget its aesthetic features. They can also add charm and character to a home without having to make any alterations to the exterior.

1) Shutter Style: Mallorca Shutters

This type of shutter is most commonly found in warm coastal areas. The name comes from the famous island of Mallorca, which tries to harness the sea breezes to protect homes from the Mediterranean heat.

The main feature of the sash is a series of horizontal slats. There are fixed and movable types. What they all have in common, however, is that they block out heat, and, in addition, the slats allow air to pass through, keeping the house somewhat cooler.

Mallorca shutters are a great addition to the facade of a house because they give it character.

They were initially painted in colors associated with the sea, such as green and blue. They create a great contrast when the house facade is white. Thanks to this, there are now many different color variations.

2) Shutter style: Rustic

Shutters are the ideal accessory to protect your home from the heat, but they are not the only thing you need. In fact, they are also suitable for protecting your home from low temperatures! They are used quite commonly in many country homes. Generally, shutters in rural areas are either integrated or Venetian blinds.

Unlike Mallorcan shutters, rustic shutters are used to prevent cold and moisture from entering from the outside. As such, they are made of thick strips of wood to avoid cold from entering the house.

Rustic-style shutters protect a home from winter and convey comfort, character, and tradition to any facade.

Typically, this type of shutters has a rough finish. This means that a single coat of paint enhances the natural style of the door.

3) Contemporary Design Shutters

As we continue with other shutter models, we can’t help but mention the classic design. These spaces are more old-fashioned than contemporary, but their designs are diverse.

Modern Exterior Shutters For a Stylish Facade

4) Shutter Style: Perforated Aluminum

A fine example of avant-garde and modernity is the original perforated aluminum shutter. They are designed to filter light artistically and decoratively. Different patterns create theatrical lighting.

5) Protective Panels

Flat panel shutters are a good choice for minimalist spaces. They serve two purposes: as a wall to protect the entire facade and to provide shade where the sun is intense.

6) Weatherproof Shutters

Wooden shutters help take advantage of the climate

Finally, it is essential to talk about shutters as a geometric grid. They are undoubtedly common in modern homes in warmer regions, as they use solar energy to heat and prevent overheating.

The shutters are characterized by slats (cleats) that let in a moderate amount of sunlight. Despite its modern design, the panels are inspired by nature, using materials such as wood and bamboo.

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